Moving requires bravery but John is not here.
You may wish to try Linda Mar.
Pacifica Tribune, "Wandering and Wondering"/John Maybury, 5/27/14.  "Moving Madness".

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John Maybury
"As a veteran of many moves in my misspent youth, I broke the pattern when I moved to Pacifica
some 20 years ago. I began to slow down and stay put for longer periods of time. I have moved only twice since I got here in the early '90s (from Sharp Park to Park Pacifica to Linda Mar).

So it was a shock to my system recently when Leslie and I had to pack up and move to a new house. I had forgotten how to deal with the chaos of moving: address changes, purging possessions, packing boxes, hiring movers, kicking dust bunnies around the house, losing sleep, getting bruises and scratches on every extremity, trying to remember where everything is (a futile exercise despite careful organization and labeling of boxes), schlepping last-minute carloads of odds and ends that somehow did not get packed in time for moving day.

Okay moving is somewhat chaotic, John.
....  Ian Butler and his helper Joe (Bay Area Arborist Co-op) trimmed, pruned, and groomed a stand of pittosporum trees that line our new backyard, taking away three truckloads of greenwaste. We plan to have Dave Martinez of Dig It landscaping "kill" our scraggly, water-hogging lawn and replace it with drought-resistant native plants. Dan Underhill took care of some plumbing issues around the new house, and Rich Shafer of Granite Electric is scheduled to fix some of our wiring and lighting.
We always say, "Shop locally." But after this move, now we really believe it. Local works."  Read more.

Reference John's blog - Pacifica Riptide.

Note photographs:  John Maybury from Linkedin.  Malala Yousafzai, from Mingora, Pakistan. Malala is known as "The bravest girl in the world", interviewed by Christine Amanpour/CNN.  The young adult Barack Obama is from Sweetness & Light. 

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