Tuesday, May 6, 2014

June 3rd ballot: Prop 42 compliance, burden of funding on cities

CA state vs city revenue:
we all want government transparency
but in a financially weak city who pays?
San Mateo Daily Journal/The Associated/Elliot Spagat, 5/6/14.  "Californians to vote on cost of public records."

"Gov. Jerry Brown and the Legislature had just sealed a $96.3 billion state budget last year when an outcry erupted over a provision that allowed local governments to deny requests for public documents because the state wouldn’t reimburse them. They restored funding and now support a ballot measure that aims to make sure the episode is never repeated.

Proposition 42 would amend the state constitution to require cities, counties, school districts and other local agencies to comply with state laws to make documents available and open their meetings to the public. They also would be required to cover the costs for doing so.

.... The California Association of Clerks and Election Officials urges a “no” vote even though it is not actively campaigning against the measure, casting it as part of a long history of the state refusing to pay for laws it adopts. They say it’s about money, not transparency. “Proposition 42 would do nothing more than make it more difficult for local governments to provide the public with the level of service quality that they demand and deserve,” the group wrote in a position paper."   Read more.

Note graphic from Lit Reactor.

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