Saturday, May 17, 2014

San Francisco Hunters Point Shipyard development, first phase

San Francisco Chronicle/J.K. Dineen, 5/17/14.  "Hunters Point Shipyard transformation in home buyers' hands." 

....  "While 88 homes is a modest number in a city with thousands of units under construction, it's important because it is the start of arguably the most ambitious real estate development plan in the city's history: a $7 billion, 750-acre project aimed at transforming an abandoned Navy complex into a neighborhood with 12,000 homes and millions of square feet of office and retail space. 

Lennar Corporation is building in the Bay Area,
hello Pacifica get on board!
....  The first 88 homes are broken into two clusters: Olympia, a 25-unit collection of town houses, and Merchant, a 63-flat building. Both open this year.  ....  An additional 159 units will be available in 2015. The entire first phase of the Shipyard will have 1,400 units, 16 pocket parks and 25 acres of manicured parks and trails. The clusters of housing will feel like distinct neighborhoods, rather than a typical master-planned subdivision, said Sheryl McKibben, Lennar's vice president of sales and marketing. 

....  It's going to evolve like a city evolves and take on its own personality," McKibben said. "One building may have a hidden courtyard, another might have a rooftop deck. Some have fire pits at street level, some have them tucked into little alleyways."  ....  The studio building will provide work space for about 150 artists displaced from a collection of older buildings that will be demolished."  Read article.   Note: article includes 16 construction photographs.

Related - San Francisco Business Times/J.K. Dineen, 1/2/14. "Lennar snags $30 million loan for Hunters Point Shipyard development." ...."While the loan is relatively small in the context of a massive $8 billion project, it is significant because it represents the first commercial lender to finance construction activity at the Shipyard, which is being developed by Shipyard Communities, a partnership led by Lennar Corp. .... Construction started in June on the "Hilltop" neighborhood, the first phase of the 20-year development. The first phase consists of 54 townhomes and 105 condominium flats. Work is beginning this month on two more residential complexes, which are expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2015. The communities are located along Innis Avenue and bordered by Hudson, Coleman, Jerrod and Fridell Streets. .... In addition to homes, the development will include office, research and development, retail, and arts and community spaces and almost 300 acres of parkland."

Reference Lennar homes, scroll to end of page for 18 states locations, including California and San Francisco Bay Area.  From about Lennar:  "Lennar Corporation, founded in 1954, is headquartered in Miami, Florida and is one of the nation’s leading builders of quality homes for all generations."  

Note:  graphic renderings by Transparent House from San Francisco Curbed, "hunters Point." 

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Anonymous said...

While this is going on, Pacifica canceled another Planning Commission meeting.

Way to go City leaders!

Anonymous said...

It only took 30 years and untold number of environmental issues/lawsuits and the usual to be expected lawsuits from "friends of" and "concerned citizens of" to get this going. Congratulations to Lennar for sticking it out for so long.