Friday, May 9, 2014

Catch the ride, weekend shuttle traffic is picking-up

San Francisco Examiner/Christa Bigue, 5/6/14. "Visitors to new Devil's Slide Coastal Trail encouraged to access public transit options."
Remember driving this?

Free weekend shuttle, 8 AM - 5 PM
"Ridership on Pacifica’s free Devil’s Slide Ride weekend shuttle has seen quite a turnaround since the scenic trail bearing its name opened to the public.

In the first two years after the city launched the shuttle service, which offers 17 stops off Highway 1, it averaged only about 20 passengers a day, noted Van O’Campo, director of public works/city engineer for the city of Pacifica.

But that began to change following the anticipated opening of the picturesque Devil’s Slide Coastal Trail on March 27, he said. “We’re seeing up to 150 people on some weekend days,” said O’Campo. “On average, though, it’s about 60 to 80 people a day compared to 20.”   Read article.

Related article Coastsider/Barry Parr, 3/27/14,  "SanTrans and Pacifica provide public transportation to the Devil's Slide trail."  "The city of Pacifica offers a weekend shuttle which runs roughly hourly from various spots in town. See the schedule on the city’s website. The iPacifica app tracks the shuttle in real-time via GPS as it follows its route through 17 stops from the Devil’s Slide Trail at the south to Oceana Terrace / Good Shepherd in the north. More information is on the Devil’s Slide Ride Facebook Page."

Note:  photograph of the SamTrans shuttle from the Coastsider article (above) by Barry Parr.  Hiker (Friends of Edgewood Natural Park and Preserve) group from San Mateo County Times,3/7/14 (1 of 5 photographs) by John Green (Bay Area News Group).

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Kathy Meeh said...

Christa Bigue wrote a rather comprehensive article for the Pacifica Tribune front page, 5/7/14 edition, which tucks the city need for economic development in the broader article details. At this time, there does not seem to be an electronic version of that article. The print version is titled "Top concerns facing Pacifica", Tribune front page, worth reading.

Meantime during the article search, Christa Bigue (previously Pacifica and HMB Patch editor), wrote this article for the San Francisco Examiner. Good to see her writing coastside articles, in this instance picked-up by the San Francisco Examiner.