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Anti-highway, anti-progress group has just the right bad alternative for you, always

Anti-highway camp nailing your "fix it" concerns
Pacifica Tribune/Letters to the Editor, 5/6/14.   "Widen the highway" by Robert Hutchinson

"Editor:  I would like to thank James Doran for his well thought out letter three weeks ago. Mr. Duran is the fourth veteran Pacifica Firefighter to come out and say the highway one widening is urgently needed for public safety. In the past two months we have had two ambulances stuck in traffic due to Highway 1 traffic backups. And one ambulance with a seriously ill patient got into a an accident trying to avoid the traffic which was so bad another ambulance had to be called.

Final Caltrans design,
we promise you
And after all this, Hal Bohner, Peter Loeb and some other leaders of the anti highway safety modernization group PH1BA (Pacifican for Highway 1 Bad Alternatives), spoke before the city council this week and repeated their mantra "this isn't a safety issue." Who are they fooling? Themselves? I hope to God they or their loved ones don't need to get to the hospital fast, or their house has a fire.

This anti widening group (PH1BA) has changed course so many times in the past year it's hard to keep track. They have now dropped their crazy idea of building an overpass at Vallemar and now they are touting "a combination of bad alternatives." Bad alternatives like the smart traffic light system which was studied by the company that installs that system. These experts said that their system would not work in this instance because Pacifica has too many vehicles for the amount of road. They said widening was the best solution. And now the anti widening group is back to suggesting school buses even though the school district said that is not an option.

You've got concerns,
we've got fear
They really have no alternatives except bad ones. Their main goal is to stop any progress here. It was said at the council meeting this week that if this current project doesn't proceed there will be no project at all. One of their lawsuits was tossed out and the other will be decided in the fall. Their strategy now is to try and fool enough people into supporting them so they can pressure our city council. They supposedly got some signatures on a ballot but none of them are verified. Don't be fooled. Their main goal is to stop progress here."

Submitted by Robert Hutchinson

Reference Fix Pacifica reprint - Pacifica Tribune, Letter to the Editor by James Dornan, 4/22/14, "Highway widening".

Reference Caltrans - California Department of Transportatiion, District 4, "Calera Parkway Widening." "Project location: In San Mateo County in Pacifica on Route 1 from south of Fassler Avenue to north of Reina del Mar. Scope: operational improvement by adding one lane in each direction.  Purpose and needs:  improve traffic operations, decrease traffic congestion and delay, and improve peak-period travel time. Project description: The project proposes to widen State Route 1 (SR 1) from four lanes to six lanes (three through-lanes in each travel direction) in the City of Pacifica, County of San Mateo, California. The portion of SR 1 proposed for widening extends from approximately 1,500 feet south of Fassler Avenue/Rockaway Beach Avenue to approximately 2,300 feet north of Reina Del Mar Avenue, a distance of 1.3 miles. The project includes improvements to the two intersections within the proposed project limits. 

Reference Anti-highway widening group - Pacificans for Highway 1 Alternatives (PH1BA)/about. “PH1A wants alternatives implemented that can help relieve traffic congestion sooner than the widening project, at less cost, and with far less impacts to neighborhoods, businesses, and the environment,” said Pete Shoemaker, Chair of the new group. Among the potential alternatives are retiming and coordinating the Vallemar and Fassler traffic lights, modifications to the Reina Del Mar Avenue intersection, a flex lane with moveable cones, increased public transportation, increased school bus service, car and van-pooling, and changes to school schedules." 

Note graphics:  robot nailing "fix it" from Destructoid, "La, la" girl from Calebwilde, highway design from  Appcrawlr. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

From the Pacifica Police log.

08:35 Traffic Law Vehicle 140430068
Occurred at Fassler Av/Cabrillo Hwy, Pacifica. People are backed up into the intersection when it is on a red
causing problems when the light is green. Disposition: Log Note Only

Anonymous said...

Interesting that there is little mention that about 20 people spoke at the last City Council meeting -- all for Highway One Alternatives. No one present spoke in favor of widening. Additionally, a petition with the signatures of over 1200 Pacifican's was presented to the City Council against the widening and asking for alternatives. This is not a small group of no, but a significant number of Pacifican's who are looking for creative ideas that won't damage our economy, environment and will benefit the community.

Hutch said...

548 You mean the 20 people who said this wasn't a safety issue? The 20 people who are still suggesting light timing even though it's not an option. Sure they got 1200 unverified signatures from who knows where by lying and telling people there are giant sound walls and many businesses will be closed. If the truth is on your side why exaggerate and lie? And why hide your name here if you stand behind your words?

Anonymous said...

Gee, if it's all the same, I'd rather stand behind a giant sound wall. Kray kray out there.

Peabody said...

Hey, 5:48, I've had a chance to peruse those "petitions". Interesting to note that the names come from 29 different cities, most not in any close proximity to Pacifica. Another interesting tidbit, over 250 signatures from Oakland alone. Wonder why Oakland is so concerned about our traffic. Oh, yea, 3 different states besides California were represented with signatures. Gathering signatures from transients and people that will sign anything is meaningless. Fix the damn highway!

Anonymous said...

Dishonesty is not the best policy nimby's.

Peabody do you have a link to the fake petition or a copy? Please give to Kathy or Steve.

Anonymous said...

If you really did look at the petitions, you know that the vast majority of signatures are from Pacifica. And most of those are from Linda Mar.

The dishonesty here is not in the petition.

Anonymous said...

Well, if true, this is certainly a shocking development. Oh wait, maybe those opposed to the widening also believe the coast belongs to everyone. Just like the CA Coastal Commission does. Golly, think of all the signatures a wider canvas could get!

Anonymous said...

Much eager ado about nothing. The Tribune article describes the 1200signatures as people seeking alternatives to the widening. Doesn't say where they live. I believe I heard Peter Loeb describe the signers to council as mostly Linda Mar residents.

Anonymous said...

This wasn't a petition to put something on a ballot. No verification required, other than perhaps are they real people.
Did you know that for a ballot measure petition, the larger the petition, the less verification required?

Anonymous said...

Park somebody with a petition on the Tunnel Shuttle and it's Save Our Coast from Caltrans! Love the irony. Ridership is way up. I read it right here.

Steve Sinai said...

I would like to see the wording on the petition, or to have heard how the highway widening was explained to those being asked to sign it.

I wouldn't be surprised if it was presented as something like, "Have the city and Caltrans explore alternatives to widening", without explaining that the alternatives suggested by the opponents were already studied and rejected.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people in Linda Mar, particularly long-timers, just don't want it widened and they'll sign anything to prevent that. It's not about the alternatives, it's about keeping Pacifica the way they like it. You'd think this group would be vulnerable to the ambulance storyline but they're not. Tough old birds. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Geez Louise, it's pretty damn easy to find the wording on the petition.

Anonymous said...

Duh, 1221. Went and looked. Much ado about nada. Nothing limits it to Pacifica residents. More or less says widening bad for Pacifica and I want alternatives pursued to reduce traffic congestion that aren't bad for Pacifica. Asks for name and city.
Much more interesting is why it took 10 days 4/28 to 5/8 for this allegedly "fake petition" issue to show up on Fix. And then it appears to have been a post from someone against widening that drew out Hutch, natch. Sleeping dogs, babies, council meetings no one watches. Or are you worried opposition really is widespread and council can't ignore it? How they holding up?

Anonymous said...

They were overly vague in the wording. Very misleading never stating specific alternatives because there are none.

"To the Pacifica City Council: The Caltrans plan to widen Highway 1 is not good for Pacifica. It will cause more problems than it will solve. I support pursuing a combination of alternatives that can improve traffic congestion on Highway 1 and that will be less damaging to Pacifica."

I'm sure in person they told people the sky was falling. I'm sure they never mentioned anything about using the 50 M or losing it.

These signatures are meaningless.

Peabody said...

Like I said, I have gone over the petition. I have lived in the Linda Mar area for over 40 years and all three of my kids went through school here. You get to meet a lot of people in that time.
Out of those "1200" signatures, I recognized 11 names that I could put a face to. Some others I recognized as people I had heard about. I'm somebody that people say "you know everyone" to. Now how is it that I'm familiar with so few of these people?

Anonymous said...

I believe I heard Peter Loeb describe the signers to council as mostly Linda Mar residents.

I personally wouldn't believe a word he says. Even if his tongue was notarized!

Anonymous said...

Trumpets, fanfare, release the livestock...111 has spoken...t is meaningless.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we all know Streeeeetch Peabody.

Anonymous said...

2:40. It seems Bray has checked in.

Anonymous said...

Best thing that happened in Pacifica, term limits.

Worst thing that happened in Pacifica, term limits came too late.