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San Mateo Station Park Green transit-orientated development planning

Ah San Mateo, additional increased development to a submitted project in city planning-- almost would never happen in Pacifica.

San Mateo Daily Journal, Samantha Weigel, 5/15/14.  "Second go for Station Park Green development:  Proposal features 599 units by San Mateo Hayward Park Caltrain Station."

Office and retail business, rather than parks
....  "Property owner EBL&S Development submitted a pre-application with modifications March 19 to develop the site at 1700 S. Delaware St., according to a city staff report. The proposal still seeks to build 599 residential units, office and retail space, underground parking and parks just north of State Route 92. However, instead of the original 2 acres of parks, it now proposes 2.4 acres and will include 10,000 square feet of office space and 25,000 square feet of retail space, according to the report. Instead of underground parking, residents will park inside the four larger buildings hidden by the residences and office space wrapping around, according to the report.

Parking buildings, rather than underground
The project is set up to ensure it becomes a true transit-oriented development by consisting primarily of one-bedrooms and studios with only about 25 percent of the project containing two and three-bedrooms, said Alan Talansky with EBL&S. Its target demographic are those who use public transit and tend to be young professionals who haven’t settled down with a family and want to live in smaller apartments, Talansky said. Station Park Green is aiming to be eco-friendly with an integrated storm water management system, bike paths, drought-tolerant plants and adhering to the California Green Building Standards Code, Talansky said. It also plans on encouraging a car share progra
m and selling reduced rate train passes for residents, he added.

The commissioners were excited to see plans moving forward with visions of keeping more cars off the street, providing an inviting park system, generating much-needed housing and hiring local construction workers at prevailing wages. But, like the public, planning commissioners wanted to ensure commuters could walk through the park between the train station and Delaware Street and that the rental apartments remain family-friendly."  Read article.

ReferenceEGBL&S Development, "Station Park Green". "Overview: Station Park Green, located on the site of a former Kmart, is a 12-acre transit-oriented mixed-use development 20 miles south of San Francisco in San Mateo, California. The project's program includes 599 residential units, 10,000 square feet of office facilities, over 60,000 square feet of retail, including community-serving retail and restaurants.

Station Park Green is planned as a model transit-oriented village. The mixed-use project is centered by a large park that is designed to be activated by residential entrances and neighborhood-serving retail. The park will extend into the residential blocks through a network of pathways and smaller residential courtyards and gardens. The resulting green village will be adjacent to the Hayward Park rail station and will allow residents to connect directly to San Jose and San Francisco.

Station Park Green was called by the National Resource Defense Council ("NRDC") a stunning plan for transit-oriented development in San Mateo, California." It has earned "gold" certification under the LEED for Neighborhood Development program founded by the US Green Building Council. Station Park Green was the second project in the nation to be certified as such, and achieved a Stage 1 Gold rating.  Note: project graphic rendering from EGBL&S. 

City of San Mateo,  PA14-020 Station Park Green Development.   "Pre-application for Site Plan & Architectural Review (SPAR), Site Development Permit (STOP) and Parcel Map for design details of a mixed-use transit oriented development with office, retail, residential and public use facilities, including parks.   A Specific Plan, Design Guidelines, Development Agreement and Negative Declaration were previously approved for this project.  While these approvals have been granted, the specific design of buildings and public improvements were not detailed at that time. "

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Anonymous said...

Transit-oriented development. We don't have Caltrain or Bart but we are only 15 miles from SF for crying out loud. More park and ride lots and bring back those SF express commuter buses. When jobs were plentiful (like now in SF) those buses were packed. Rents and home prices, even for new construction, would be less than SF. This council brags about all the outside agency meetings they attend and the valuable connections they make. How about connecting to something that's of value to Pacifica instead of your
freaking career? Meet some of these developers for a change! Pun fully intended.