Friday, May 30, 2014

Pacifica Tribune honorary scholarships for High School Editors

Honorary scholarships through community organizations are valuable in inspiring good students/citizens to continue education and develop life confidence.

Terra Nova High School Editor.  "A Daly City resident, Sabrina Grislis attended Terra Nova High School, where she was the editor in chief for the Terra Nova Times, a school newspaper published every three weeks under the guidance of English teacher Alyssa Jenkins. .... She learned on senior awards night she won the Pacifica Tribune scholarship of $250 to help with tuition. ....  She'll be going to Cal. State, Chico to study multicultural and gender studies with an eye toward a legal career."  San Jose Mercury News/Coastal Connections June 2014/Jane Northrop, 5/27/14.  "Terra Nova Times editor wins Pacifica Tribune Scholarship."  Read article.

Oceana High School Editor.  "A multi-talented student, Nick Der left Oceana High School last week to pursue his passions for journalism, film editing and graphic design. ....He credits Oceana with helping him develop into a more respectful person, a better citizen and to give back through community service. ...  The Pacifica Tribune granted him a $250 scholarship to help with the next chapter in his life at San Francisco State University.  San Jose Mercury News/Coastal Connections June 2014/Jane Northrop, 5/27/14.  "Oceana Tribune scholar pursuing multimedia interests."   Read article.

Note photograph:  from Juliann Rich blog, "So, um, somebody actually interviewed me!"

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