Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Balanced City budget: more pain, faux gain

The non-governmental organizations (NGOs) likely will not be saved, except for Pacifica Resource Center.
We offered you sales taxes 3x over 4 years,
wasn't that an economic plan?

"Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop 5/13/14. "Council upholds Resource Center support in budget talks."

Balancing the city budget by flipping bonds again,
and again, and again, and again, etc.
"Pension Obligation Bond restructuring -- The city will borrow $2.1 million at one percent interest from the wastewater treatment capital improvement fund, which can afford it, to restructure the city's pension obligation bonds. All the council members expressed support about the bond restructuring, Several complimented staff for "thinking outside the box." 

City position restructuring -- A financial services manager, an accountant and an economic development coordinator will be created out of two staff vacancies and one retiree in finance. This will have the effect of strengthening the finance department and enhancing code enforcement services, Tinfow said. The police department adds a permanent part-time community services officer paid for by a state grant."   Read article.

Note photo/graphics:  borrowed dollar from FACT, Family Action Council of Tennessee.  Councilmember filing nails from Snark E cards.

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Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

More ponzi type schemes from city council. Pretty soon the gravy charity train will de-rail.

Way to go city council.

Anonymous said...

If you've seen one Pacifica City Council, you've seen them all.

Anonymous said...

What is the job description of the economic development coordinator position being added to the budget? The article seems to link it to code enforcement. A coordinator is a paper shuffler. Does staff have too much paper to shuffle? This town needs something a tad more powerful. But it sure sounds nice, doesn't it?

Kathy Meeh said...

317, big surprise, from an easy internet search, here's one career background description of "Economic Development Coordinator": paper shuffler. Not what you'd expect for the job description of a real "Economic Development Director".

Some of us remember that city council said they would hire an "Economic Development Director". An effective Economic Development Director focused on city economic development is what's needed.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kathy, just stick a fork in that one. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Just a matter of time til we gotta have a Super-Shuffler. That's someone to coordinate all those other coordinators. You know it's going to happen with Council rubbing up against that unguarded 5.7 million dollars in sewer reserve funds. Bet they're giddy with anticipation. I know I am.

Kathy Meeh said...

505, oh you're right, "stick a fork in it, the solution, economic development. The paper shuffler, Economic Development Coordinator link, posted above at 458 didn't work, try again.

At city council 5/14/14, Councilmember Stone brought-up two new restaurants bouncing on the revolving top 27 revenue list. Imagine, restaurants in Pacifica are among the big tax revenue money makers. Overwhelming, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Kathy, don't forget our other economic juggernaut--gas stations.
Happy for all those entrepreneurs, they deserve medals, but what a sad commentary on Pacifica's economic future. Sadder still that it came from one of our supposed pro-growth councilmembers. What a joke!