Sunday, May 11, 2014

Celebrating Mothers with their sons

Mother And Son
Happy Mother's Day, Mom!
Huffington Post/The Blog, Tim Wright, The Blog, 7/10/13.  "How moms can Lead their sons into good, honorable manhood." Tim Wright is a pastor (Community of Grace); author, "Searching for Tom Sawyer: How parents and congregations can stop the exodus of boys from church."

"When our son was little, he and mom had a very close, happy relationship. Mike was a sweet boy who had no problem giving mom hugs and asking her lots of questions. He was her little boy.

But then Mike moved into the early stages of puberty, and the relationship changed... dramatically. With tears in her eyes, Jan asked me one day why her son hated her. What Jan didn't know at the time was that Mike was at a crucial point in his life -- the point where he had to start moving into manhood. And the movement into manhood meant he had to begin to pull away from his mom.

Most moms I know aren't prepared for that moment. They don't understand it. So, as their boys start moving into manhood, moms often feel lost. What's a mom to do?  Mom, the good news is that you play a vital role in the kind of man your son will become, even in those years when he seems to pull away from you."  Read article. 

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