Monday, May 5, 2014

May 6th only, opportunity to double (or triple) your new Pacifica Resource Center donations

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Starting at 12AM on Tuesday, May 6, 2014, help the Pacifica Resource Center double your donation through Silicon Valley Gives - a single, special Day of Giving. To double your donation go to: 

Donations to the PRC and other San Mateo County safety net services will be matched by the Grove Foundation (up to $20,000) and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation (up to $25,000) BUT only if those donations are made on May 6th.

In addition to these matches, Silicon Valley Gives is offering the opportunity to win hourly matches and prizes throughout the day, including:
  • 12-1AM ~ Kick-off Match! Two to one dollar match up to $50,000 from the Silicon Valley Community Foundation
  • 7-8AM ~ Dollar for Dollar match up to $35,000 from Knight Foundation  
  • 8-9AM ~ Dollar for Dollar match up to $15,000 from Bernard A. Newcomb Foundation  
  • 12-1PM ~ Dollar for Dollar match up to $50,000 from David and Lucile Packard Foundation
  • 5-6PM ~ $1,000 golden ticket added to the first 50 gifts from an Anonymous donor  
  • 6-7PM ~ Dollar for Dollar match up to $50,000 from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
  • 7-8PM ~ Dollar for Dollar match up to $50,000 from Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation  
So please chose a time tomorrow and make a donation to the PRC through Silicon Valley Gives at:  And help us double your gifts and continue supporting families and individuals in Pacifica who are struggling to make ends meet.   

Sincerely,  PRC Advisory Board and PRC Staff.     Reference - Pacifica Resource Center.  Note: the entire information above is from a broadcast email received from

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

I am still mad at the resource center for supporting measure v. I have given in the past but I'm not so sure they are a deserving charity anymore since I also heard their chairperson gets a hefty salary.

Next time stay neutral.

Anonymous said...

The board chair gets nothing.

Anonymous said...

Does the Executive Director Anita M. Rees get a salary? I believe I heard someone there gets over 80K

Anonymous said...

Let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Of course they supported V, they were on the chopping block. V lost, and now they have to fund raise harder. Let's remember who they are here to help, the most needy Pacificans.

Anonymous said...

308,905 Unbelievable! You actually expect the PRC to bite the hand that helps feed them? All you had to do was cast your vote on V. Your vote mattered only to you. The PRC had a far greater responsibility to the people they serve. They looked at the consequences and who'd suffer them and did the only thing they could. Are you naïve or just mean?

Of course Anita Rees gets a salary as the director. Just like her predecessor and any other skilled professional running a complex, highly regulated human services agency. FYI, it is the board which is all volunteer. Professional staff is paid.

You may be unaware of the PRC history. It was part of the City until about 10 years ago when the city, which was never comfortable overseeing an in-house social service agency, cut them loose. They quickly found a new "home" with the Tides Foundation which provides back-office admin for many non-profits. This allows the PRC staff to focus on providing services to our needy community.

Knowing how precarious any funding from this city will probably always be, Ms. Rees and staff have taken a pro-active approach to fund-raising. The city's contribution to the PRC budget is $83K per year. It hasn't changed in 10 years even though we all know the client population has grown. When the city makes that contribution it is a vote of confidence and a validation which the PRC takes to other funders to leverage more money. Much more than this city's $83K is at stake.

Do you also have a problem with Ms. Rees' salary? You mention "someone there gets over 80K." Good grief. That's on the low-side for a skilled and highly qualified director of an agency like the PRC. Ms. Rees is a bargain. Dealing with the needy and this ass-backwards city is burden enough. Spare her the ignorance and pettiness, would ya?

Anonymous said...

You'd think all the snake, frog, Plover and trail lovers would have a little compassion for people.
Not In My Back Yard!

Anonymous said...

644 Unproven, as usual.

Anonymous said...

Measure v would have hurt the people the PRC serves. If they really did care they would have never supported it or they would have taken a less vocal position. Now they have alienated some of their supporters. The city or "hand that feeds them" realize the political consequences of cutting off the PRC. They would never do it and Rees knew it. No, Rees jumped at the promise of extra money if v passed.

Anonymous said...

513 "If they really did care"... Are you serious? You think the city would never dare cut funding to the PRC? I doubt Ms. Rees could in good conscience take that gamble. Your unproven campaign rhetoric aside, she did the only thing she could. Any so called supporter of the mission of the PRC who would hold that against her, and thus against needy Pacificans, operates from petty vengeance not compassion.

Most Pacificans are sentimental about the PRC and that's provided the agency a measure of protection from earlier cuts. But following the defeat of V, how better to prove a point, and soften us up for the next tax measure, than to cut something near and dear? Does Council have the nerve? Situation desperate. Sadly, every dollar they take from the PRC is multiplied several times in a loss of leverage for funds from other sources. Cut too much and the question to the PRC from those other funders becomes how valid can you be if your own city doesn't support you?