Monday, May 12, 2014

Ian Butler's Wavelength inverview with Matt Chang, Errol Chang shooting

Matt Chang at city council 4/14/14
Matt Chang interview with Ian Butler
Ian Butler's Wavelength 53 "Matt Chang and Martin Fox," 5/12/14.  "Ian interviews Matt Chang, brother of Errol Chang, the Pacifica man who was shot and killed by a SWAT team during a schizophrenic episode, and Martin Fox, a lawyer who for years has worked tirelessly to improve the treatment of our mentally ill."  See interview on Vimeo, 28:44 minutes.

Submitted by Ian Butler 

Related to Ian's interviewJustice for Errol Chang, separate video by Ian Butler of Matt Chang at city council Vimeo, 4:55 minutes.  Matt Chang, professional biography, Wikipedia.  Martin T. Fox, Esq., aka Martin Fox, Belmont, CA, The State Bar of CA, Martin T. Fox listed on San Francisco Mental Health Board, minutes 11/14/12, pdf, 38 pages (comments page 14). Laura's law - Treatment advocacy,  Government page Laura's Law.  Laura's law background information,Wikipedia.

Related article search  - "Errol Chang"on Fix Pacifica. Broader view, "Errol Chang" or "Matt Chang" on Google.

Note photographs:  Matt Chang at city council by Ian Butler from his related video, Matt Chang interview with Ian Butler from the interview.  

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