Friday, August 23, 2013

Why the Calera Parkway project is doomed

Letter to the Pacifica Tribune from Todd Bray

Todd says -

After a brief flip through the FEIR it is clear, to me, the choice to do a combine CEQA document with a NEPA document is confusing to Caltrans. While you reassure the reader doing a combined EIR/EA is standard practice at Caltrans there are a few things to remember. Please let me explain:

Read Todd's explanation of why the project is doomed at the Tribune's Letters to the Editor Page.

Scroll to the letter entitled, "Highway".

Posted by Steve Sinai


Anonymous said...

Posting a letter to the editor or giving Todd Bray, any right to post on Fix Pacifica, is counter productive to actually trying to Fix Pacifica.

He clearly posts for Loeb and Bohner.

The Local Libertarian said...


It is perhaps better to know the counter view so it may set up the playing field for consensus and/or counter argument.

Its only in contrast with other positions that the strength of our own position becomes apparent.

The Local Libertarian said...

Here is an idea:

1) Build an over pass at Linda Mar x San Pedro Ave

2) Shutdown the Parking lot on the west side of the freeway. Beach goers can park on the east side and cross using an over-bridge walkway.

3) Return Rockaway beach area to nature and relocate those business to either east side of Linda Mar, Rockaway and/or Palmetto. An overpass here for entering from/exiting to Fassler.

Most of the area between Fassler and Vallemar is zoned commercial. And its larger than Rockaway beach area.

Maybe convert or build over SeaBowl to a strapping new ocean view resort/hotel that is tastefully executed.

4) Another over pass at Vallemar.

5) Fairway area residents can use Lundy and Bradford way to enter/exit.

Remove all stop lights on hwy 1 between Linda Mar and Vallemar.

Anonymous said...

How bout we turn Pacifica back to articoke fields and hog farms. Go back to being 7 people and 1 dog town.

7:32 it is puff puff pass.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't sound very libertarian to me.

Steve Sinai said...

I think Local Libertarian is funnin' us.

Anonymous said...

Local Libertarian is a precious butterfly here to bring beauty and refinement to our grubby existences. Get the nets out.

The Local Libertarian said...

Pacifica is the only city in the entire world which has a combination of:

1) Being an hour (or less) away from 3 international airports.

2) A dump of a downtown (or whatever you want to call it -- palmetto/esplanade) with an RV station, a trailer park and a recycling station with the most spectacular expansive view of blue Pacific.

Its poignant and tragic.

Anonymous said...

Pacifica is the train that didn't even want to test its potential to see if they can make it over the hill.

Anonymous said...

and it's the result of a free, mostly unregulated market at work which, as a libertarian you should be gung ho about

Anonymous said...

As has been stated before, that person clearly has absolutely no clue what a libertarian is.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but they sure nailed it on their description of Pacifica.

The Local Libertarian said...

@9:05 AM

My position on returning it to nature is a market force too. Market forces are primarily the results of the behavior of the participants of the markets -- that is people and nature. Not money. Market forces are a manifestation of both human action AND inaction. If you maintain a good house you contribute towards it value. And conversely if you do not you reduce its value.

And nature imposes conditions which have effect on economy. Lack of rain/water would increase the prices of food and so on.

Man does not exist in isolation from nature. And nature is not something to be exploited. It is the provider of all our motivations, needs, wants and desires.

Nature is the overriding market force to which man is subject to. Not the other way. If you pollute the environment, the environment will punish with ill-health. And so on.

That is how market works. The efficiency of a market is related to the fairness it confers on all its participants (both man and nature). A fair market is more efficient and also contributes to quicker movement of capital and resources. An unfair market is inefficient and manifests slow movement of capital (or hoarding) and therefore poor deployment of labor.

We can go on and on about who is a libertarian and not. However, I would suggest that you actually acquaint yourselves with liberalism first before you spout off unintelligible gibberish coupled with ad-hominems. It makes you look weak and foolish.

My position would have the following effect:

1) By returning west side of Rockaway Beach area to nature it would create a more scenic and a richer ecological environment.

2) It would then create a demand for real estate on the moribund east side of the highway 1 of Rockaway beach which is already zoned commercial. This area is much larger than current Rockaway beach area. (From Vallemar to Fassler. And Fassler to the edge of Sea Bowl).

3) A scenic and an ecologically rich environment that is accessible to more people -- instead of those few customers who want to eat at Nicks and Moonrakers. Would bring in more walk-in tourists. This would also contribute to Pacifica being a more beautiful place or better general reputation.

4) This scenic environment would be visible from far away distance to more number of people (instead of current obstruction) which could then contribute to overall increase in real estate prices for more properties.

5) Holiday Inn Express in that area charges around $350/night for rooms with a view. This is just as (if not more) expensive than staying at Westin in Times Square NYC. By moving the hotel to a farther place, they will have the benefit of perspective which will allow them to have more rooms with views or more revenue.

You get both beauty and economy. There is the way to find balance between economy and environment instead of narrow minded pettiness.

Libertarianism also means personal freedom. And the main motivation of personal freedom is personal well being. A better environment contributes to better well being. Man is dependent on his fellow beings and nature for his sustenance and freedoms. Man then has to be fair to his fellow beings and protect nature.

Protecting environment and Maintaining a healthy economy are not at counter purposes. They are interdependent and related.

Anonymous said...

Local Libertarian, I'd like to return you to nature.

Anonymous said...

LOL. You are advocating against individual property rights and for a coercive government... the polar opposite of libertarianism.

There's nothing "natural" about a market. A market exists solely due to a set of man-made rules and regulations by which all participants adhere to. Markets do not exist without government.

Stop eating the mushrooms you're finding on your Pedro Point hikes.

Anonymous said...

Item 4 of his latest manifesto says it all. He just wants to increase the value of his house way up on Pedro Point. 35 years on the coast and I've noticed this bit of personal hypocrisy among many enviros or whatevs. They want to keep everybody else out or dictate terms of use, but they'll grab a scenic patch for themselves because, when you get right down to it, only their view counts.

The Local Libertarian said...

@ 1:17

I am nature. You are nature. We are nature.

It isn't some entity that is removed from us. It is us. We are it. Its an immutable and binding relationship.

Drinking yourself to ill-health isn't freedom of choice. Abusing nature too isn't good business.

As much as one force wants to change something it is affected by an equal and opposing force. This is the intrinsic dynamic of nature and free markets.

Profits don't arise out of nothing. Profits are an expression of nature. You take something from nature and express it in way that others find useful. And others will offer you something that you find useful.

Your specialization of physical labor and mental thought which is unique to you is your surplus. And it only remains unique to you simply because you've demonstrated goodwill and fairness in your exchange to your customers.

Profit then is a reward others are willing to give you because they trust you. And this profit is re-invested to help contribute to more specialization of labor. It becomes a positive feedback cycle.

If you were unfair in your exchange, you will initiate a negative feedback cycle. Which will eventually hurt your business. At this point one could employ methods such as lies, subterfuge, deceit and so on to gain an unfair advantage. And perhaps even use force to enforce it. But we know that model isn't sustainable because it ends up starving and depriving the customer. And the business will eventually collapse.

So some would suggest using force, lies, deceit etc to a limited extent, enough to keep the customer going but not complete starvation. This too isn't sustainable because the customer would only be able to trade and conduct exchange with you when he or she has surplus.

This is why fairness towards others is important. And this is the source of all morals and what we deem as appropriate social behavior. And this where the notions of good and bad arise from.

Nature then is our primary source of investment. Good business sense says safeguard your investments.

Everything in moderation: both doing and not doing. Balance.

I don't take offense to your brickbats or sarcasm. It's ok. I am patient. However it shows your lack of effort for reflection and consideration.

The Local Libertarian said...


Markets precede governments. This is why governments are unable to control markets try as they may.

We've got a fire going on in Yosemite. The government funded forces are trying their best to contain it.

This fire apparently is now a threat to the power and water infrastructure that provides power and water to the city of San Francisco. This fire then has a potential to inflict serious economic losses. And these economic losses will show up in the market place.

So you see that is how nature affects markets. Nature is the primal market place from which all other markets arise. It is the primal market force to which we are bound to and at the mercy of.

Governments are elected by people to arbitrate contracts and ensure standards and fairness in market place. That is the primary duty of government. Markets will lead to a need for rules and therefore governments.

Governments do no create markets. Markets create governments.

The Local Libertarian said...


Your individual property rights can stand in so far as your neighbor and/or neighbors are willing to accept your claim.

In the past this was accomplished with use of force. My stick is bigger and thicker than yours methodology.

Then it dawned on us it is perhaps better to have some common rules so there is acceptable arbiter for all the parties at dispute. Ergo government.

Man makes rules based on his relationship with his environment or nature. In fact man is forced by nature to make rules.

Without the extra potential of nature to behave in a myriad of way or its capacity for unpredictability, there is no need for rules.

Rules are simply guidelines for predictability. And static rules always break because nature changes. And then man is forced to make new rules to reflect new realities. And on and on it goes.

Anonymous said...

Who's in charge of programming on here? Batshit crazy has its limits as entertainment.

The Local Libertarian said...

@ 2:00 PM

If the value of my property goes up, it becomes an equity source with potential for increased tax revenues. And likewise for others. Value is relative to utility.

I am all for development of Linda Mar, Rockaway on the east side of the freeway. And Palmetto/Esplanade in the north. But let us do it with the execution and effort that complements the beauty of its natural location instead of horror sprawl of urban blight. This requires hard decisions and jettisoning of unsightly baggage.

Beauty, Clean Air, Ocean Environment are the key attractors of Pacifica. So it is only in the better interest of the city to protect and enhance it.

My point is if you want a a town that is neither environmentally nor economically friendly on what is otherwise a spectacular location you end up with trash heap of a town that is Pacifica today.

Lets talk ideas and vision instead of pettiness.

Anonymous said...

Local Libertarian, you need to attend City Council meetings and tell the Council your views during public comment time. Also write these letters to the Pacifica Tribune. Then your views will become better known in the Pacifica community.

I agree that the east side of Highway One is Moribund. And also I agree we need to avoid narrowminded pettiness.

Please visit the Measure V thread and enlighten us with the Libertarian View of the Utility Users Tax proposal.

Anonymous said...

Now there's a match made in heaven. I think you've found a home, Local Libertarian.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, like he'd sign a LTE.

The Local Libertarian said...


Honestly, I think its a poor proposal. To me, it appears poorly researched and explained. And therefore really not eligible for vote.

However, I'd like to think that people who came up with this proposal are not as un-intelligent as it would seem from the face of it.

And these sort of proposals in practice won't yield any revenues. However, they set a precedent for future taxation.

If the city is experiencing revenue shortfalls, that is an indication that it is spending more than what it can afford.

Then the primary exercise should be in identifying these differences and figuring out ways to be more effective with the current level of revenues.

The Local Librarian said...

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Hutch said...

Steve these comments are nonsense. this Librarian is a little off topic no?

Steve Sinai said...

I'll disable the comments for this thread.

Yes, nonsense (Local Libertarian) begets nonsense (Local Librarian).