Friday, August 30, 2013

Off-leash dog recreation at the south end of Sharp Park beach, why not?

Pacifica Tribune Letters to the Editor, 8/27/13. "Beach use" by Leah Conroy

Surfing at Linda Mar Beach, Pacifica
Happiness is being off-leash
....  "Michael Perez promptly responded to my late July letter with confidence about the public benefits our city should anticipate from these changes. He eagerly invites participation in other, key discussions and meetings about our open space and beaches such as Sharp Park re: possible off-leash area). This could be an ideal beach for officially sanctioned, dog exercise (other than the tide-limited, Esplanade Beach and POOCH-sponsored, dog park). There is a signifi

cantly large, natural slope between the tidal zone (potential off-leash zone) and lagoon berm, separating different visitors. The south end of Sharp Park Beach is also a special wildlife resting zone for two species of tern during the summer. Respectful promotion and awareness of this seasonal bird would enhance the community image of wild, open space while preserving a spirit of public recreation. Simply setting seasonal limits on traffic near the bird's legendary, favorite spot would spare the tern from urban stress.

Every small enhancement of Sharp Park gems like the pier and beach promenade improvement projects, impacts our local economy greatly. I sincerely hope meeting attendees seriously consider and vote in favor of Sharp Park Beach for off-leash dog exercise. It will attract many people to our friendly, natural coastal community for years to come."    Read more.

Related -  The Travelers Way, "Outdoor adventure in Pacifica, California" by Mary Jo Manzanares, editor-in-chief, 4/29/13.  "Pacifica, a beach-front community just 10 minutes south of San Francisco, is a charming town and recreational playground. It’s a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts, featuring everything from world-class surfing, mountain biking and hiking to fishing, scuba diving and hang gliding. Offering great leisure time activities, at an easily accessed destination, Pacifica sometimes gets overlooked in the vacation planning."  Note:  photograph from this article. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


ian butler said...

The terns are a deal breaker. I suggest the South end of Rockaway, no sensitive habitat isues.

Anonymous said...

Are there Turn nests there Ian?

I'd be for this if you increase the fine for not picking up after your pooch to $250 on the beach. And I worry about people with aggressive dogs.

todd bray said...

Not much actual beach left in Rockaway Ian.

Anonymous said...

Sensitive habitat? How about the hotel guests at Rockaway and the business owners? They're sensitive, too. That's a tiny beach. Would it effect the expansion of the HIE? Parking?

The terns are not an endangered or protected species, are they? Fishermen and beach goers already use the south end of SPBeach. When this beach was approved years ago by council for off-leash and then mysteriously fell between the legal cracks, it was because a now recently retired councilman didn't like the idea of dogs on that beach. He knew exactly how to derail the approval after the vote. That's all it took. One man's opinion, simply a personal opinion, and 4 elected officials willing to look the other way. After they voted for it in public.

I sure hope that era is over in Pacifica. An off-leash doggie beach at Sharp Park would be a fine addition to Pacifica.

Anonymous said...

The USF&WS website lists the California Least Tern (Sterna antillarum brown)as endangered. However, they are not found in San Mateo County according USF&WS. There are many kinds of terns throughout the world.

Anonymous said...

There are Least Terns in SM County, I've seen them.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh, I expect a sighting at Sharp Park Beach is imminent. Terrible sorry all you dogs and dog people. Visit and spend your money elsewhere, please. We're a bird preserve and we got terns!