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Proposed San Mateo County Budget, Fiscal Year 2013-14

The Daily Journal (San Mateo County), Journal Staff Report, 8/27/13. "San Mateo County releases budget."

Bigger County budget this year, better times.
Even so, 10 % smaller than 5 years ago
"San Mateo County’s $2.1 billion budget for fiscal year 2013-14 is an increase from the previous year, adds more than 100 new positions and reflects significant investments in capital projects and initiatives shelved during the economic downturn dating from five years ago, according to the County Manager’s Office.

....  The pending new county jail scheduled to open in 2015 and federal health care reform account for millions of dollars in budgetary changes and dozens of new county positions. Those two items alone make up the majority of 112 new positions in 2013-14 followed by 42 the following year. 

 ....  “By making wise decisions over the past five years we have avoided the drastic service cutbacks faced by many public organizations,” County Manager John Maltbie said in a prepared st

atement. “Now with the rebounding economy we are positioned to invest wisely in securing a stable and prosperous future for our residents.  Read article.

Related - San Mateo County Newsroom, "San Mateo County releases balanced budget (FY 2013-14):  Hearings start September 16th."   "The overall level of staffing is still approximately 10 percent less than five years ago.  The most significant changes to the budget include:
  • $97.8 million in FY 2013-14 and $60.2 million in FY 2014-15 for the construction of the Maple Street Correctional Center.
  • $62 million, over two years, for other capital improvement projects, including taking over the former Devil’s Slide section of Highway 1 from Caltrans to turn it into a park, replacing the Skylonda Fire Station, and various facility and infrastructure projects, including roads, utilities and airports.
  • $50 million in FY 2013-14 and $10 million in FY 2014-15 for additional pension contributions to begin the accelerated pay down of the County’s unfunded pension liability.
  • $26.4 million in FY 2013-14 and $27.9 million in FY 2014-15 for major IT initiatives, including payroll system replacement; upgrades to the County’s network, Criminal Justice Information system and radio system; and web redesign.
  • $13.4 million to build more affordable housing and construct and/or renovate emergency shelters
  • A reorganization that reestablishes the Parks Department as a separate department."   
Reference San Mateo County Budget, FY 2013-14.   Note: Photo/graphic from  Bubblews, "Save money and spend wisely."

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