Sunday, August 18, 2013

New print newspaper counters online trend

San Jose Mercury News/California/Associated Press.  "Despite odds, Long Beach becomes 2 newspaper town."
Got news print?

Business plan sailing forward
Internet can't do this
....  "With Monday's debut of the Long Beach Register, the ambitious owners of the Orange County Register are expanding their bet that consumers will reward an investment in news inked on paper and delivered to their doorsteps.  The competition is the Long Beach Press-Telegram, which was founded more than a century ago and maintains an average weekday circulation of about 55,000.  

As a result of the budding newspaper battle, this city of 468,000 is joining the likes of Chicago, Philadelphia and Boston as what has become a rarity in 21st century America -- the two newspaper town. Never mind shrinking circulations and online news migration.

....  Media business analyst Rick Edmonds said the last time he can recall a major U.S. city adding a new daily paper was around World War II, when Chicago got the Sun-Times and New York got Newsday. There have been scattered other instances in smaller cities, but since newspapers entered their recent troubles, the creation of a new rivalry is itself news. ...."   Read article.

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