Sunday, August 11, 2013

San Jose will likely approve another reliable Barry Swenson Builder construction

san jose apartment builder
  Nearby location, 226 affordable housing,
construction by Barry Swensen Builder 
San Jose Mercury News/San Jose Neighborhoods/Carol Rosen, 8/7/13. "Barry Swenson Builder is proposing townhomes on a vacant lot in Almaden."

"One of the issues San Jose City Council members will face when meetings resume Aug. 27 will be a potential development at the corner of Coleman Road and Almaden Expressway, across from Almaden Lake.  The land is owned by the city's housing department. It was purchased by the city 22 years ago and during that time, it has been eyed by several developers as a site for affordable housing. Among these developers are Nelson Maples, Pulte Homes and now Barry Swenson Builder.

The latter hopes to build a 27-unit complex of two-bedroom, two-bathroom townhomes with garages. Nine of the units will be marketed as affordable, with prices estimated in the $350,000 to $375,000 range, depending on the real estate market when the homes are available. The remaining 18 homes will likely be in the $500,000 range, again depending on the market."    Read article. 

Reference -  Barry Swenson Builder.  Example, affordable apartment build (2006-2012), Almaden 226 affordable apartments.   Note:  Photograph/graphic from that build.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

And Pacifica chased him away. They picked SKYFIELD USA over Barry Swenson.

Hutch said...

Pacifica needs a lot more affordable housing. Young families now days can't afford these prices. And "affordable" doesn't mean poor. You have to have minimum incomes to qualify. These are for families making approximately $40K to $60K. I think the only ones I know of are near the golf course.

The problem (I'v been told) are NIMBY's who think these lower priced houses will bring down their home value. Not true. They have a lot of restrictions on how much and who you can sell too so they really aren't comparable to regular houses.