Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Chevron begins paying fines and restitution for last year's plant fire

San Francisco Chronicle/Demian Bulwa, 8/5/13.  "Chevron to pay $2 million for refinery fire."

What happened?
"....  Chevron agreed to pay $2 million in fines and restitution and accept additional oversight and inspection of its operations during a 3 1/2-year probation period, authorities said. The misdemeanor charges, alleging violations of California's health and labor codes, were filed Monday by the Contra Costa County district attorney and the state attorney general after an investigation of the fire in a crude oil processing unit on Aug. 6, 2012.

....  The company agreed to pay a fine of $1.28 million and to contribute $145,000 to RichmondBUILD, a public-private partnership that seeks to train workers for high-paying jobs in the fields of construction and renewable energy.  Chevron must also repay costs that three agencies incurred responding to the fire and investigating it: $300,000 to Cal/OSHA, the state's workplace safety agency, $185,000 to the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and $90,000 to the state attorney general.

....  Several agencies have taken action against Chevron since the fire. The company is appealing a proposed fine of nearly $1 million leveled by Cal/OSHA, and it faces a number of lawsuits.   Read more.

RelatedABC 7 local East Bay News/Mark Matthews, 5/22/13, "Richmond postpones suing Chevron over refinery fire," includes embedded video,  3:11 minutes.  " There is a new ultimatum from the city of Richmond to Chevron -- settle up with the city over last year's refinery fire or leave it for a judge to decide.Richmond's City Council is prepared to sue its biggest corporate neighbor if necessary, but on Tuesday night the council voted to delay filing that lawsuit.Chevron knows it is in trouble over last year's refinery fire. The Chemical Safety Board found negligence. Now the city of Richmond and Chevron are trying to reach a settlement.Note:  photograph above from this article.   Fix Pacifica reprint article - San Francisco Chronicle, "Chevron ignored risk", 10/13/12.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

all fees up. higher gas prices for everyone to pay for this. Just like PGE and the San Bruno blast, screw the rate payers.

Anonymous said...

You want to know why we pay so much for PG&E?

Just like government workers these people get outrageous compensation packages. My friend works there. He makes over $200,000 a year and gets to retire at 55. He is just a troubleshooter. The guy who comes to your house and looks at your furnace and lights the pilot light. Multiply him times 10,000.

If they are crying poor they need to reduce these crazy wages that we are paying for.

Anonymous said...

The guys in the truck make about $70k to $80k they do not make anywhere near $200k

sour grapes crying about what other people make again.

Anonymous said...

Sorry anon you are dead wrong. Base pay is around 100K after a few years, you can easily make $3000 a weekend with OT. My friend makes well over $200,000 a year and he's set to retire at 56 with a huge pension. On top of that after he retires he can and will re-apply for his job again, double dipping and making well over $300K.

And since WE are paying their salary and they are a public utility we do have a right to give input and protest.

Steve Sinai said...

Sometimes you can exaggerate so much that you lose all credibility.

Anonymous said...

Your nose is going to grow!

Anonymous said...

Just say no!

Anonymous said...

So if you work 2 12 hours days that is 24 hours on a weekend lets say its double time and not time and a half.

$125 an hour @ double time.

You mispoke again.

Anonymous said...

Let's say it's bullshit and call it a day!

Anonymous said...

The gang of no has less credibility then A. Rod