Saturday, August 3, 2013

A little more work to do on Devil's Slide tunnels, almost there

Half Moon Bay Review/Julia Reis, 8/1/13.  "Devil's Slide overnight tunnel work to conclude next month." Construction was anticipated when tunnel opened in March. 

Devil's Slide tunnels opened 3/25/13 substantially complete
....:  "This additional work was a part of the original tunnel contract and anticipated when the tunnel opened on March 25, according to Caltrans spokesman Robert Haus. In an email, he wrote that some of the work that has been completed during overnight closures could not have been finished prior to traffic in the tunnels. Opening the tunnel later than March was not considered as an alternative to overnight work, Haus said.

“The construction of the cul-de-sac and parking areas, which are located along the existing Highway 1 alignment, could not be done until traffic was off the old road and into the tunnels,” Haus said. “There are also electrical conduits, light poles, and drainage facilities that had to be installed after tunnel opening, as the footprint of these items would have been in the existing Highway 1 roadway.”

Haus added that additional paving was required because the roadway alignment was not permanently set when the tunnel opened."   Read more.

Related Fix Pacifica Devil's Slide articles.  Note:  photograph from KQED, Quest, 3/25/13,"At last Devil's Slide Tunnels Open." The look back includes a drive through video, 1:09 minute.

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