Monday, August 26, 2013

Pacifica Chamber of Commerce opposes proposed Utility User's Tax

Submitted concurrently by both Tom Clifford and Bobby Hutchinson


Tom Clifford said...

Send your donations to fight this unfair tax to:

The Committee Against Higher utility taxes

1005 Terra Nova Blvd. Suite A
Pacifica Ca. 94044

Hutch said...

This took a lot of guts for the CoC to come out against this. Thank you for doing the right thing. The city better not try and retaliate by pulling funds at a time we're trying to help business or heads will roll.

Instead of threatening poor people with taxes and cuts the City could have funded the Resource Center for a year with the 55K they already wasted on this ill thought campaign.

Jim said...

A correction.

Committee name:

Pacifica Taxpayers Against Measure V

Anonymous said...

Setting up a committee for this is as bad as the council setting up citizens to tell them how to balance the city checkbook.

Well the chamber has nothing else to do. We have no Commerece in town.

Kathy Meeh said...

No Anonymous, opposing a City ballot measure is not the same thing as the same thing as the City setting up a committee. task force, or commission. And setting-up a citizen group or organization committee to favor or oppose a ballot measure is part of the process of our democratic society. Others may contribute through effort and/or financially to advance this cause.

The Chamber of Commerce has a vested business interest in this City. Contrary to your comment that the Chamber has "nothing else to do", they're doing this (as well as supporting citizens, frequently city issues, and business in this community). Others may choose to support this cause, and also join or join with the Chamber. Others may support business, individual businesses, and business interests in this community.

If you support the UUT, why not says so with all your reasons? Why waste our time attacking the Chamber committee which opposes the UUT?

Anonymous said...

1134 Night and day difference between the two actions and you know it. You just needed an intro to your usual attack on the Chamber. They've chosen the right side and at the right time. It's a smart move.

The Local Libertarian said...

The reason why Pacifica suffers revenue short falls is primarly due to 2 reasons:

1) Increased cost of living and therefore increased cost of wages etc
2) Undervaluation of housing and as a result lower revenues from property taxes.

#1 and #2 are coming to a head and the result is the citizens of Pacifica are feeling the squeeze. And UUT is simply a manifestation of that phenomenon.

Even though Pacifica hasn't itself developed a whole lot in the last decade compared to the rest of SF Bay area, it is subject to market pricing pressures arising from the whole of SF Bay area.

This is evident in increase in housing sales prices. Even though Pacifica on the surface may appear slightly cheaper than the rest, it is in my opinion at par.

This is also evident in rental prices. As long as tax revenues don't match the current market prices Pacifica will be subject to further tax hassle (regardless of the interest of the taxpayers).

The solution then is for Pacifica:

1) to attract economy that can can sustain the increasing costs of governance.
2) re-evaluate home values that reflect actual market prices and increase tax revenues.

Anonymous said...

Local Lib re #2 you want to repeal Prop 13?

50 words or less.

The Local Libertarian said...

@ 1:44

There are two issues to consider here:

1) Why is the cost of governance going up? And how to tame it while maintaining effective governance

2) Some form of taxation is required. However, repealing Prop 13 would result in capital being diverted from the market into government. This would then serve to deflate the market.

So initially repealing Prop 13 would make for higher tax revenues. But over time, the market would deflate and drive down the revenues. With that in mind, "fixing" Prop 13 may not result in sustainable increase in tax revenues.

Anonymous said...

It's incorrect to say that the Chamber opposes Measure V. The letter says the Chamber has taken a position NOT TO SUPPORT Measure V.

Anonymous said...

Local Libertarian - your reasons why Pacifica suffers revenue shortfalls are wrong and are based on your opinions, not facts.

Hutch said...

Nice attempt at spinning the letter Anon 336.

The Chamber clearly gives point after point of why they OPPOSE MEASURE V.

But if it makes you happy to believe...

Anonymous said...

The reason why Pacifica suffers revenue shortfalls is primarily due to these 2 reasons: the State taking away funding that historically went to cities, reducing Pacifica’s revenues by more than $26 million dollars since 1997; the most significant revenue sources, property and sales taxes, have not recovered from the fall they took during the ongoing recession.

The Local Libertarian said...


Please let me know what the facts are. I would like my educate my opinions.

Anonymous said...

Hutch, it makes them very happy. They're spinnin' and grinnin'. They live for hair-splitting, double talk. Got to be a councilmember or one of the lap dogs.

Anonymous said...

425 Local Lib, not enough time left in the universe to accomplish that. Ramble on.

Anonymous said...

If you own a business in town and live here, you pay twice. This tax is going to cost people almost $200a year or more. And who is going to advocate for those seniors that could use the exemption but don't know they have to apply for it? Members of the committee for more taxation? I think not.

Anonymous said...


Cause instead of revenue producing projects, city council wasted money on trails, a failed bio diesel plant fiasco, and the city hall by the sea pipe dream.

Anonymous said...

730 Oh c'mon, the city doesn't want too many seniors taking the exemption. It would throw off their mysterious calculation of the haul on this scam. Anyhow, I think someone threw out the napkin the calc was scribbled on because no one seems able to recreate those numbers. Funky numbers, sneaking around, using public funds to launch the UUT campaign, spewing disinformation...this is quite a council. Next!

Anonymous said...

806 a complete list of the money wasted by this and previous councils would amaze. Millions and millions in consultants. Sweetheart union contracts. Years of being just about the best paid city council in the county. The city hall by the sea pipedream was about $400,000 spent on plans and studies before they gave up. The current library by the sea
with council chambers will be another $400,000 in plans, consults, etc. before it's either abandoned or financed by a bond. And, in the biggest and most egregious misuse of funds, previous councils for many years legally looted sewer tax funds, about $700,000 each year, until the practice was stopped by the state in 2006. That money was supposed to be for repair and maintenance of the sewer system. Yeah, failure to maintain and repair it led to spills and lawsuits and settlements that have homeowners paying for laterals before they can sell, and pretty soon now, a poop pit right across from LM Shopping Center. Prime real estate in this town. Let's make sure nothing gets developed...Poop on it! This is only a partial list.

The Local Libertarian said...

@9:49 PM

I guess somebody is getting paid all that money. Take from Peter, pay Paul.

I think the real problem that Pacifica has is lack of competitive economy. There is not a whole lot in Pacifica that can attract people to Pacifica. Except may be for a quick bathroom break on the way to Half Moon Bay or the drive down on 1.

Every other city in the Bay Area has changed/transformed significantly since 2000. Dear Pacifica has remained the same, lost in time.

Pacifica should develop a reason so people from other places would want to come and spend money here. Otherwise, it'll be another 10 yrs of same old, same old.