Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pacifica Five-O Narcotic Arrest Press Release

Narcotics arrest on 900 block of Serena Dr. Arrested at the scene was Edson Redmond, a 37 year old
Pacifica resident.

Daniel Steidle
Administrative/Investigative Services Division
2075  Coast Highway
Pacifica, CA 94044
650-738-7320 (Desk)
650-355-1172 (Fax)


Anonymous said...

1 down 500 more to go!

Good job Pacifica PD!

Hutch said...

Yep many many more of these houses around. But good job. Please keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, I believe we may see a few more of these during the city's campaign for Measure V. High profile arrests combined with claims that UUT funds will go to the cops, may help sell Measure V to voters concerned about crime. Politics as usual. PPD, it's going to take a lot to get our votes. C'mon, convince me.

Tom Clifford said...

What I see is a police department that can do it's job with the funds currently available.

Anonymous said...

Right you are, Tom, they've always had the money to do the job. But we're going to hear a lot more about them over the next 2 months or so. With the outsourcing idea that refuses to stay buried and this city's misleading campaign for Measure V, this police force will be showcased as a model of effectiveness and efficiency with positively glowing public relations. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Anonymous said...


But they don't gave the man power or money to clean out the drug dealers. They busted on Grand Teton.

Anonymous said...

Make those complaints at a council meeting, fast! The window of opportunity will slam shut on election day. Win or lose.

Anonymous said...

The arrest on Serena was for meth sales in a home with 4 little kids.
Story on Patch says the cops were acting after investigating complaints from the neighbors.

Kathy Meeh said...

"Police arrested a Pacifica man on drug and child endangerment charges after they found methamphetamine and four young children in the home where he was living, authorities said." San Mateo County Times/Joshua Melvin, 8/28/13.

Steve Sinai said...

"What I see is a police department that can do it's job with the funds currently available."

I hate to see Pacifica Five-O punished for success. It's the same with school bonds. In a school district that does a bad job, people say they won't vote for a bond because the district wastes it. In a school district with high test scores (like Pacifica,) people say they won't vote for the bond because it's not necessary.

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember when the last drug house bust was? Serious question. These places have been a known problem in some Pacifica neighborhoods for years.

todd bray said...

Our direct neighbor to the north was one such place and it brought violence with it to.

The cops knew about the drugs etc, but the house was full of family members of a former city employee so the PD looked the other way. We even had a neighborhood meeting at the station with 50 or so folks who identified 3 other hot spots

The house was finally lost to the bank and resold to a wonderful young family.

Anonymous said...

Let's see. When I was in grade school and jr high school a major coke dealer lived on Pedro Point. One of his street guys lived on Linda Mar Blvd and dealt out of his house and car.

One establishment sold coke right across the front counter day in day out.

One guy was dealing, weighing and ordering drug dealing and selling equipment with his work issued credit card.

Neighbors just pretty much don't pay attention. I am glad these neighbors On Serrna noticed, paid attention and called in the police.

Teenagers tried to grow pot up on Montara Mountain. You could go up there long before it was a park and hike to the top and see little groves back off the main trails.

This one old pot headed stoner started to sell a little pot to his kids friends back when, he got shut down when the neighbors got wind of it. Good thing a Sherrif's Department Office moved in next door that is zero nonsense.

I am sure there is a lot going on that the Police Department doesn't tell us. Do they have the man power to go in and bust 10 or 20 places in one day. No.

Anonymous said...

Steve Sinai said...

7:19, nice work of fiction.

Anonymous said...

If you've lived here 20-30 years or more, raised kids, made friends, then you know what 719 is talking about. There has always been that business going on. The drugs change but the business continues. And, no, the cops have never been very effective in dealing with it. There were 4 little kids living in that house where the guy was arrested and I think the neighbors were more insistent and the police more concerned because of that. That's not a typical PPD response to this problem. We had a SFPD officer and a retired SMC Sheriff living on our little street and I always thought that just their presence discouraged problems. With the usual cycle of retirees selling to new young families, we still have a very nice street, but drugs are known to be sold from houses a few blocks away. With the occasional well-publicized exception, it's a bigger problem that a small town police force can handle.

Anonymous said...

The very reason why Pacifica is so dysfunctional, way too many chief's not enough Indians.

Everyone who knows it all won't run for office.

Anonymous said...

Some people have lived here before prohibition!

Anonymous said...

843 My hero! Please, please tell us where you live so we can steer the drug houses, meth heads, misc stoners, pedos, loud drunks, and other troubled souls to your neighborhood. How do you feel about pit bulls? Someone with your tolerance and apparent willingness to suffer in silence is just what they're looking for--the troubled souls, not the pit bulls. Should you tire of their proximity later, well, as you mentioned, there's always politics. Political careers have been based on far less.

Anonymous said...

Prohibition? No. The day Hinckley shot Reagan we moved into our home in Pacifica.

Anonymous said...

8:41 Many people have lived around here a lot longer then you.

Steve Sinai said...

4:08, I've been here since 1984. Not as long as some, probably longer than most.

Your 1997 article refers to a single incident involving cocaine. It doesn't confirm, or even refer to, any of the overly-dramatized, fictional bs from your previous comment.

Hutch said...

I agree very strongly with 12:54. These drug dealing houses are all over town and our small police force has always been unable to deal with it. They had to call in the county on this one. There's many more out there. We've had one for over 5 years and all our neighbors have complained. I suspect this is one reason we got that safest town designation. Nobody gets busted except the small time criminals.

Anonymous said...

getting drug houses closed is easy. If the Pacifica chief won't act, contact city council and tell them you will call feds, state and county and then a TV consumer action hotline. All sorts of law enforcement resources are available and they all want to get into the action if local PD can't figure it out.

Steve Sinai said...

I don't agree, Hutch. While every town is going to have its druggies, dealers, and odd meth houses, I don't see anything indicating the problem is worse in Pacifica than anywhere else.

Hutch said...

Yes I agree, it's no worse than anywhere else Steve. It's just that here these people are not being busted. I have friends all over town with the same issues in their neighborhood as I and my neighbors have. multiple complaints, cops admit it's a problem, but they can do nothing. The last straw was when the cop told me and my neighbors that we could move if we didn't like it.

Yeah 1139, I have a plan in motion. Story at 11.

Anonymous said...

The local cops aren't up to dealing with this complex, deep-rooted problem. They're small town cops called on to deal with nothing more complex than the stuff you see in the Trib's police beat. On the rare occasion when they feel the need to tackle drugs, they wisely seek county assistance. Whether or not the drug problem is no worse here than elsewhere is irrelevant. We've got a problem. Hutch has hit on the secret to crime statistics, ie, choose your battles. Hard also to ignore the PR value of this raid when you see police funding as the lead item on the Measure V sales pitch. Live here for a while and you know there's a drug problem. Not a lifestyle problem that can be ignored, but an insidious crime that is like rot. We all just hope it doesn't effect us personally.

Anonymous said...

Hutch, Council is so eager to please with the election coming up. There's time for the cops to plan a few more of these arrests with the Sheriff's. Leverage, very temporary leverage.

Unknown said...

I am compelled to say that Pacifica PD is a true asset to the city because they are professional and reasonable.

Numerous examples of this are to complex to detail here but mark my words, if we are foolish enough to exchange a great department for the County Sheriff it is a huge mistake.

The result would be less and very impersonal service .... Sheriffs are jailers first!

Our Pacifica PD is to be admired and should be thanked for the excellent job they due.

Oh and in my experience the complainers due so regardless of how unbelievably blessed we are to have a small town atmosphere so close to the San Francisco debacle.

Pacifica PD .... thanks guys for all you do!

greg k. lester

Hutch said...

Greg I respect your opinion but keep in mind crime went down 17% in Millbrae after they went to the sheriff. That doesn't seem too foolish. These towns have also said they saved over $500,000 a year and professionalism went way up and response time went down.

Read the Grand Jury findings here

I and my neighbors have had a meth house down the street for over 5 years. These houses are all over town and contribute to other crime and violence. Pacifica PD does not have the capability to conduct complex undercover investigations. In fact a Pacifica Police Officer told myself and my neighbors that maybe WE should move if we don't like drug dealers in our neighborhood.

I think Pacifica PD does a great job at everyday stuff. But the sheriff has more assets to handle serious crime much better.

Anonymous said...

As Pacificans, we are in a bit of a quandry. Facing an unpopular UTT tax, a shortfall in revenue just to meet operating expenses, and weighing the pros/cons of outsourcing our police department. Perhaps consideration should be given to dropping the idea of a UTT tax and proposing a parcel tax to ensure that our police officers stay local. It seems that many Pacificans are in favor of keeping an in-house police department, so I would venture that they should not object to paying a bit extrato make sure this happens.

Anonymous said...

We don't need anymore damn taxes.

The highest paying college major which is a Petroleum Engineer starts off at $97,000 per year after 4 years of intensive learning of vast amounts of highly technical data.

A Pacifica police cadet with a high school diploma starts off at $96,000 a year.

Is something wrong with this picture?

We need to make some real cuts like every other city is doing.

Chris Fogel said...

We don't have a shortfall in revenue to meet operating expenses. In fact, according to the last budget presented to council, revenue will exceed expenses by close to $400,000 during this fiscal year. This among will be placed in Pacifica's deserve fund, raising its total to $1.8 million.

Anonymous said...

The reserve is no where near as high as it should be but this declared fiscal emergency seems bogus. There's no imminent budget crisis to justify this precedent setting tax, unless Council isn't telling us something. That's entirely possible. They certainly haven't made any payroll cuts, not honest ones. No one's making less. That's quite an accomplishment these days. UUT "modernizations" are all the rage. Maybe they just want to set this precedent while they have some scrap of goodwill left. Remember, the consultants they hired told us Council had a good approval rating. Why waste it?

Anonymous said...

Either we get used to paying more and more taxes or we get used to making some painful changes. Council is struggling with how to convince us of that. As Pacifica changes from the older, longtime residents to a more mixed and younger family demographic it will be easier to convince people to pay more for the kind of town they want.

Our PD does seem to be a little Mayberry-ish for some of the drug related stuff that goes on here. Not saying we have more of it than elsewhere, but, well-timed recent press release aside, we seem less well-equipped to deal with it. The SMC Sheriff's Dept hasn't been "jailers first" for decades. They're up to speed with impressive resources. I no longer believe anything that comes out of this Council's mouth on outsourcing. Any analysis should be done by an outside party brought in by the county, not our local story-tellers. It may be that our finances are so thoroughly screwed-up that there's no space in this particular lifeboat for Pacifica.

Anonymous said...

Re Chris Fogel's remark about the "extra" $400,000, I wonder how much of that is due to the TOT increase we voted for? IMHO that is just about the only smart thing that's been done during this never-ending budget crisis. And it doesn't cost the locals a dime.

Anonymous said...

Tell me any other high school grad that can start out at $94,000 + bennies

Current police officer position for Academy Graduate or Student:

Salary: $6,189.00 - $7,809.00 Monthly to start

SICK LEAVE: Accrual is one day per month, with no limit on accrual. Unused sick leave may be used as service credit towards CalPERS retirement.

The City pays 100% toward a dental insurance plan for employee and all eligible dependents.

The City provides an allowance towards a cafeteria plan to purchase health and welfare benefits (medical expense reimbursement, dependent care).

Must be at least 21 year old at date of hire;

Felony convictions and disqualifying criminal history are not allowed; U.S. citizen;

Able to read and write the English language;

Must successfully pass a Police Department background investigation, polygraph examination, psychological examination and medical examination;

High School graduate or GED. Preference given to those applicants who possess a two-year community college degree.

Kathy Meeh said...

130, sounds like a good job and career path for someone who qualifies. But also consider the nature of the service, dedication, and the risk. This is not a job most of us would choose.

Anonymous said...

What risks in Pacifica Kathy? Really we're probably the safest town to be a cop in around the entire Bay Area. You have read the police blotter?

I think a school bus driver or teacher in bad areas have far more risk to life and limb but are not paid at anything near this level.

Rookie cops with a GED paid as much as an engineering graduate?

The whole system is out of whack and that's why cities are going under.

Anonymous said...

Definitely not a job most would choose or most would be hired for even if they meet the minimum requirements listed. Those are minimum requirements. I think anon130 knows that and just wishes to make a point with a cheap shot. If he doesn't know that, wake up! Any one who has ever sought a civil service or government job knows the application pool is competitive. The process itself is competitive. Plenty of candidates who exceed the minimum posted requirements.

Anonymous said...

Cops salaries/deadly force/strong unions/irresponsible self-interested city leaders

Anonymous said...


A realtor or mortgage broker can make $200,000 without a college degree but you really have to pound the pavement the first couple years to build up a client base.

Anonymous said...

I don't know any realtors whose job description included responsibility for the use of deadly force. Might be rarely used here, but it's the kind of thing for which we should hire wisely and pay competitively.

Anonymous said...

Most Realtors & Mortgage Brokers now days aren't making squat. Very few houses are being listed. Maybe 20 sold in Pacifica last month divided by 200 agents.

Nope not many jobs you can get with even a 2 year college degree starting at 90K + a year.

There is no justification for paying that much other than that's what every other city is paying. The ones that are going bankrupt you know.

Other states don't have this craziness.

Here is the starting pay for cops in Orlando Start: $41,978 (after graduation from the Academy)
Top Officer makes: $67,275

RENO: $51,737.92

CHICAGO: $43,104

PHOENIX: $40,913

SEATLE: $67,722.64

We can not afford it

Anonymous said...

Police Chief Fort Bragg $81,492

Police Sergeant Sebastopol $101,523

Police Sergeant Mill Valley $108,809

Anonymous said...

417-431 Just click your heels and make it all happen! This is the SF Bay Area not the Midwest or even rural CA. Sky high cost of living, high housing costs, food, gas, entertainment, childcare...all among the highest in the country. High salaries and a competitive job market go with. And, about that favorite ditty of yours, ie, all those cities paying competitive salaries are going bankrupt. Don't be absurd. They are not. Doesn't mean we won't, but if we do, it will be our inability to generate enough revenue to keep up with rising operating costs (including salaries) that puts us there. No progress to report on that front. None, and that's the real problem.

Anonymous said...

Pacifica Police Sergeant $163,598

Pacifica Police Captain $161,980

Pacifica Police Officer $122,418

Anonymous said...

A lot of the early people were just out of high school and made a mint.

The guy talking about realtor s and mortgage people has zero clue how much they make.

Go make a clay pot or trace a painting.

Anonymous said...

I suppose those salaries are a little startling in a poor, rundown town like Pacifica, but the long term solution isn't lower the salaries, it's raise the revenue. Ha! It figures that absolutely nothing significant has been accomplished with either salaries or revenue. Do you think either one is a real priority with this cracker-jack council?

Hutch said...

Actually San Mateo County has lower average City wages than 4 other Bay Area counties, Santa Clara, Alameda, SF, Marin. So being the most expensive place to live doesn't always translate to higher pay.

And BTW plenty of cities (like Millbrae) are lowering wages.

Anonymous said...

Hutch, higher salaries and a higher cost of living go together. Slice and dice it anyway you want.

The time to cut salaries is just about over. Unions everywhere are switching to catch-up mode. Millbrae made a gutsy move, but we have none of that kind of leadership in Pacifica. The cuts this council bragged about were to future wages and a few give backs in a very fat benefit package. They were never intended to be permanent and they won't be. Prepare yourself for the inevitable. Salaries will go up. The only cuts we're likely to see will be to programs and services. And those will probably occur even if Measure V passes.

Hutch said...

I agree 7:39, these people prevented Pacifica from moving forward for over 20 years. I fought hard for the Quarry to go through.

But that doesn't change the fact that we can't afford to pay these salaries now. Yes we need revenue generating projects, but that will take years to pay off.

We need to cut some costs now. We don't need to tax citizens any more or cut services further.

The reality is many cities around the Bay Area have had to negotiate real cuts in employee wages and benefits which have become unaffordable. Millbrae just cut 5% across the board. Millbrae employees were willing to do this to help the city. These were actual wage cuts not the fake cuts we did last year. We need to do this and impose a wage freeze for at least 5 years in order to survive and thrive.

But first our council must change direction and stop trying to tax citizens many of whom are barely getting by and start being realistic. They must actually tell the Unions what they need in cuts and stop trying to take it out of our hide.

Anonymous said...

5% cut and 5 years of no more than COLA increases, shift more of that pension contribution burden to the employees (all of them), ditto for the benefits, two-tier pensions for every new hire...yeah, that would have helped. But that boat has sailed. Thank Council, this one. The employees sure do! And if you haven't figured out that economic development in this town is a myth, wake up!

Anonymous said...

A whole lot of energy expended on here engaging in that age-old Pacifica pastime, blaming this one and that one for the city's decline. I think while we're doing that, we miss some very important changes in this town. They're still subtle at this point, but likely to prevail down the road. Unlike people on here, less and less of the community cares about these old battles. Either they weren't here for them or they have said we must move on. The dominant members of this council, who also happen to be the more skilled politicians, sense that. They're all about the undercurrents and shifts in public opinion and how to identify them and use them to mold and move their personal agenda. When they're looking to build support and consensus, they know you can't change the past or the mind of someone determined to live in the past, but that number in this town gets smaller all the time. And less important.

Anonymous said...

The boat hasn't sailed. Jobs are still tight. Unemployment high. Plenty of cities are hurting bad. This whole pension mess is about to explode.

Once council gets this UUT thing shoved up their arse they will have no choice but to go to the unions because by that time elections will be coming up.

No Cola raises. Wage freeze. And take away saving sick days up for retirement too. Who gets 12 sick days a year that you can save?

Anonymous said...

311 Dream on. And while you dream this town will see programs cut and services diminished before anyone on the city payroll takes a real pay cut. Council has no political will to take on the unions, certainly not at election time! Members of this council and the previous one managed to miss the opportunity of a lifetime to cut wages and reorganize this mess. They made no real pay cuts during the Great Recession. Truly an astounding performance. What does it tell us? Is it all about being incompetent or might there also be a political philosophy at work? They don't believe in wage cuts, not real ones where money comes out of the worker's pocket and not some future contracted raise. The boat has sailed.

Anonymous said...

@311 apparently not you.

Anonymous said...

How much are we still paying out every year in that cafeteria cash scam? $800K, $600K ? That's one of the biggest rip offs ever shoved up the taxpayer's arse by the unions and the city. It was supposed to be phased out in steps, but how much you wanna bet that happens in this improved economy? Even council had their mitts in that "cookie jar". Nice way for an employee to give themselves a raise just in case council doesn't. The employee's total reported income goes up while council can boast they didn't give any raises. Everybody wins except the stupid taxpayer.

Anonymous said...


Cafeteria cash for council members ended when the Vreeland era ended.
I think Mary Ann was one of the people to do away with it

Anonymous said...

If true, Bravo Ms. Nihart! And if true, then there is no longer any reason to tread lightly in ending this sneaky, poorly understood rip-off of taxpayer money. One of the quietly stated reasons they held off was that they were guilty of the same habit. I believe they made some partial cuts to the practice in some contracts.
C'mon Council. While you're reaching for our wallets, get cafeteria cash completely out of every contract and don't give it back. Go for the really big bucks and finish the job!

Anonymous said...

Believe me cities all over are still cutting wages.

Jun 28, 2013, Mountain View Union janitors to return to City Hall, with less pay

Aug 8, 2013 San Jose Police Union Warn Cadets of Pay Cuts

Sep 12, 2013 For the second year in a row, Millbrae is cutting compensation for city workers by about 5 percent.

Even though the economy is improving the pension bomb is looming.

Anonymous said...

921 That's music to my ears, and it's clearly a recurring theme with you, but it's Council who has to have the political will to make such cuts, and they don't. They couldn't find it even during the depth of the recession when they would have been bullet-proof. They have always put the paychecks of about 150 city employees and the goodwill of the unions way above any concerns for this city of
38,000. And they are shameless in conning us to contribute to that effort with this UUT scam. They'll gut this town's services and programs before they make real wage cuts. Then when we complain, they'll come back for new taxes to restore the lost services. Political tough love. Look what it did for Jerry Brown.

Anonymous said...

New York City cost of living is much higher than San Francisco. Studio Apartments start at over $2000.

Here's what I got off of the NYPD website:

NYPD Officers start at $34,970 salary (including holiday pay, uniform pay and night differential)

Optional Retirement at one half salary after 20 years of service

Must have 60 college credits with at least a 2.0 GPA or two years of satisfactory military experience

Anonymous said...

How about increasing revenue instead of reducing pay.

People will leave Pacifica, sell their houses and move over to the East Bay and or Sacramento where housing is much cheaper. They can work for less monthly pay out in these areas.

The gang of no has the mouthpiece blaming it on city workers pay. The city was just as broke 30 years ago, as they are now.

City workers were not paid very well back then.

Justify that gang of no.

Hutch said...

I'm not part of the gang of no and I think we need to reduce wages and so do a hell of a lot of taxpayers in this town that are pro development.

It will take years to generate new revenue unless you're talking about more taxes.

This isn't some crazy scheme. Most cities in the Bay Area have reduced salaries or are contemplating doing it. I have nothing against city employees. We just can not afford to keep paying these wages and benefits and put money into generating new revenue.

Anonymous said...

945 Data, are we just looking for bigger cities with lower PD salaries, or, are we trying to understand how/why Pacifica and other Bay Area salaries are high? Going with the second choice here. SFPD unions have always been strong. They influence the rest of the region. In general, as SF goes, so goes the Bay Area in cost of living including salaries, housing, food, transport, etc. In general.

Three or four years ago, the SFPD union prez publicly declared that while SFPD salaries were already excellent, it was his goal to make his members the highest paid police dept in the country. And, this was after a contract negotiation that gave them a nice 4 or 5% increase during the recession. He set out to do it and it seems he's succeeded. Not to be outdone, the Chief of the SFPD soon became the highest paid police chief in the country. Not the biggest force and not the biggest city, just the biggest salaries. This kind of stuff exerts strong upward pressure on police salaries in surrounding communities. Location, location, location.

NYC is such a one-off that in this discussion it may be an anomaly, creating and playing by its own rules. Outside of Manhattan real estate prices drop sharply. Public employee salaries, including the police, are higher in the nearby counties than in the 5 boroughs of NYC. Go figure!

Anonymous said...

1150 justify that gang of no? book for you. eats shoots and leaves.

Anonymous said...

Hutch, snowball. hell.

Anonymous said...

Please peopel get a clue Pacifica PPD know exactly what goes on in this town. They however take the easy road out and turn a blind eye. I know quite a few police officers who routinely visit with family and friends while on duty. Those are mine and your tax dollars being wasted. If they were really serous about cleaning this town up they would do more than hang at Starbucks, I believe now their hand is being forced by outside agencies and that why all of a sudden they are deciding to crack down. It's all for looks so let them blow smoke up your @&? And when the secure their jobs they will go back to being their same lazy ways :)

Steve Sinai said...

Everything's a conspiracy for some people.

Anonymous said...

Linda Mar Starbucks is a good place to start. Good as any. One thing you can always expect in this town is that anytime politics and the police cross paths the cops are going to look busy and effective. Like now. Part of council's UUT con job is that these funds will go to the cops for our safety and security. Cops are going to shine! Or, whenever there's a rumble about outsourcing, we get glossy irrelevant reports about how safe the community is or how the sheriff's don't know Pacifica. Remove the "threat" and it's back to looking the other way, having your battles chosen for you, and enjoying salaries and benefits grossly inflated due to our proximity to SF.

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy? Human nature. When you've got a good thing going, you try to keep it going. Rarely are you invisible while doing so.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't this "crackdown on bikers week" or some such thing? Today there was some kind of biker convention at Winters. 100's of them. Two Pacifica patrol cars parked on the overpass watched as about 20 bikers came up Paloma the wrong way and blew through the stop sigh. One of the cop cars was #109. There were almost several accidents. Nice job guys. I'm glad we're paying you guys the big bucks.

Anonymous said...

Pacifica PD do a fine job. We are a low crime city, what the f do you want? Drugs are not a major problem. Yeah we have the dealers. But they hop from one location to the next. Sometimes well concealed. I , for one, only want the cops to go after the hardcore drugs and big sales. They have made big busts you probably were not paying attention.

Anonymous said...

Lots of reasons for low crime rate and the cops may just be the beneficiaries rather than the actual reason. This is a town without a downtown so we don't have that kind of crime magnet. We also have almost no public transit so harder for punks to just drop in like they do up and down the Bart and main Samtrans lines. No real malls that attract trouble, no cinemas, or hangout places. Drugs? Plenty in Pacifica and not just weed. It's always been sort of live and let live and our Mayberry cops don't rock that boat. When they do, it's for a reason, and they're smart enough to bring in reinforcements. I think we may be reaching the stage where a Mayberry-police force isn't enough. At least in some neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

Pacifica has always had a low crime rate even in the 80's when were REALLY the lowest paid dept in the Bay Area. That fake survey about Pacifica being so safe has nothing to do with the police keeping crime in check. And yes I saw the one drug bust in Linda Mar that's the tip of a very big iceberg. There's no justification for paying the same here as very high crime cities like Daly City & SSF. The cops like it here because it's a relatively easy gig. No drive by's, gang violence or muders. They won't tell you so but they will take a lot less to work here.

Anonymous said...

Career #3: Police Officer

Median Annual Salary*
Top 10 Percent of Earners
Bottom 10 Percent of Earners
you've got great gut instincts and street smarts, you might want to think about pursuing a career as a police officer. And you don't have to spend years in school to prepare or to potentially see a good paycheck.

I copied and pasted this from todays Yahoo news article.
Now lets see what did we say that the PPD's salaries are?? Oh ya way too much!

I think most sane people who don't have family or friends with the PPD think that it' s completely outrageous that our city spends so much on them.

To anonymous that said "what the f do you want them to do?"
I don't know maybe work, solve crimes? That would be great LOL

Back in 1999 their was a shooting in LM beach parking lot, drive by guy shot. Victim said who shot him, witnesses and everything. That guy never did anytime because PPD screwed up the investigation and left the DA with nothing.

2002 Malik Freedman 19yrs old murdered in San Pedro Park. PPD couldn't help the Sherrif's office close that one either. Still unsolved.

man stabbed almost to death on Adobe again witnesses. arrest made however no conviction because again it is impossible for the DA's office to get a conviction when the cops don't do their jobs right!

We should be thankful that last years murder on Dell Rd was comitted at the supspects home. If their was any need to actually investigate that it would still be open for sure.

These are just a few that I personally know of and there are many more stories just like this. Lazy or inexperienced cops doing the initial investigations of crimes. Trust me if you are ever a victim of a crime in Pacifica don't expect to see much justice.

Anonymous said...

Pacifica has always had a low crime rate even in the 80's when were REALLY the lowest paid dept in the Bay Area

They just let us off with warnings or gave us a ride home and gave us a lecture in front of our parents back then. Or they just didn't catch us.

I knew all the cops personally, knew their families most of their parents brothers and sisters.

Now I only know a couple of the cops personally.

Do I think they do a good job, in the most part yes. Could they do better with the meth and drug problems, yes.

Do I think it would be better for Pacifica, for the Sheriffs Department to take over. Yes.

Anonymous said...

People like the idea of a friendly little police dept in their friendly, safe little town. Even if it means the occasional, and so far, infrequent, serious crimes aren't handled with FBI-level skills. It's important to them to think they live in a certain kind of town and having local cops is part of that picture. The drug problem is just accepted as part of modern life unless it's living next door to you.

Anonymous said...

15-20 motorcyclists Sunday blowing thru a stop sign, going the wrong way up Paloma 15 feet away are TWO Patrol cars with PD sitting in their cars watching the whole mess and doing absolutely nothing. I yelled out at them "why don't you direct traffic" Other MC persons were cutting through traffic causing near accidents. Were they afraid of the bikers? Lazy? Or just paralized?

Anonymous said...

Well, at least the cops were in the right area. It's that live and let live thing. And, you know, maybe not stopping them gets them out of town faster?

Anonymous said...

This report from FBI was on the Patch

Pacifica Crime Goes Up
"The number of property crimes, however, went up, from 484 in 2011 to 578 last year. Motor vehicle theft did not increase, but burglaries jumped from 89 in 2011 to 148 in 2012."

Burglaries almost doubled in one year. What are we paying all these millions for? Go to the sheriff now.

Anonymous said...

The cost to maintain a local police force is only going to go up. Service and staffing levels are state-mandated. The money will come from cuts to other programs and services. No amount of UUT increase will be enough. By and by we'll see the sheriffs here. On their terms, not those of this or any other irresponsible Pacifica City Council. That'll be just fine.

Unknown said...

Hutch i read your response to my comment supporting Pacifica PD in which you site Millbrae as a example.

For me change is usually bad. . . this is my experience and we as a city prefer our autonomy.

Which brings me to another of your comments in which you state you supported the quarry development.

Your support of that tells me we will never agree.

Sir we only have one shot at maintaining our small town atmosphere and let me tell you how the quarry development would have turned out based on my 20 years in construction.

The promised library would never have happened.

In fact none of the things promised or discussed would have actually come to fruition.

I know this because it was not put in writing.

You see the proposal was for a small number of million dollar homes 5-7.

The math never added up.

The truth is we almost got taken by some slick outta town soothe sayers.

Now imagine how we would have felt looking at 5-7 multi-million dollar houses and a strip mall?

Just imagine that.

Kathy Meeh said...

Greg 1031, your personal experience is what it is. The Peebles quarry project was sound, and so was the national developer. Had you wanted more than nothing for this city, you might have been closer to understanding the project. Contrary to your statement, the developer promised LAND to build the library, and the stand alone housing would have been built LAST.

An intent letter from Peebles Corporation was sent to NIMBY majority city council (Vreeland, DeJarnatt, Lancelle, Digre). Cal Hinton clearly supported quarry development and this project. NIMBY city council members failed to read aloud the intent letter or move it forward. (Don Peebles said had city council signed the letter it would have been a contract). I was at that city council meeting. Some of us read the letter for the record during citizen communications.

As you say, change for you is usually bad, but jobs, services and revenue for our City community is usually considered good. And of course reliable or "slick" (your word) small town contractors do not have the capital endurance or the research expertise to complete larger development projects. Since you have been involved with construction for 20 years (according to you), guess you should understand that, huh?

Hutch said...

Greg that "slick outta town smooth sayer" AKA Don Pebbles is a word renowned developer with unquestionable integrity. His honors by Presidents and peers are many. He has build first class projects in Miami DC and NYC. Pacifica was very lucky to have a man of his word interested in us. We let the anti people blow it. Never again.

Now you go find some piddly little dirt on Peebles and say "see".


If the same vote were held today it would pass easily.

You can not keep Pacifica as it was in the 60's or 70's. San Francisco added 10,000 housing units in the past few years. Pacifica added practically nothing. The US population has grown 100 million. Pacifica's population has fallen. We won't survive as a city if we don't allow development. Then you'll have no Pacifica.

Anonymous said...

Coulda woulda shoulda. Peebles had all the luck on that mess.