Sunday, August 4, 2013

San Mateo County Civil Grand Jury asks for greater budget transparency

The Daily Journal (San Mateo), Michelle Durand, 8/3/13.  "San Mateo County officials responds to grand jury on fiscal reporting."

Grand Jury asks for greater clarity and budget transparency
"San Mateo County officials agree with a civil grand jury that more transparency and highlighting key factors in the budget could make its financial reporting easier for the public to digest.

County Manager John Maltbie said as much in the official Board of Supervisor response to the June report “San Mateo County Financial Reporting: Toward Clarity and Transparency.” Grand jury reports carry no legal weight but recipients are required to respond in writing within 90 days. The Board of Supervisors will formally approve the response at its Tuesday meeting. 

But while the county is under no obligation to implement the jury’s recommendations, Maltbie wrote that some will be fully or partially put in place. A few are deemed infeasible and Maltbie even points to the county’s own moves toward greater transparency like an online “open checkbook” where the public can see any transaction of payments greater than $5,000."    Read article.

Reference - Grand Jury report, 9 pages.  "San Mateo County Financial Reporting:  Toward Clarity and Transparency", 6/3/13.

Note:  Graphic from  Iraq Energy.

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