Saturday, August 10, 2013

Two million people moving into the Bay Area within 27 years, get ready

Where are two million people going to live?  The lawsuit against the regional One Bay Area transit hub/transportation plan says find alternatives.  The final environmental impact report (FEIR) was completed and has been approved by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and the Association of Bay Area Government.

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The lawsuit
OEN, Op Ed Eliza, 8/7/13, progressive, tough, liberal news and opinion.   "Critics of a regional plan to encourage development and growth in areas with easy access to mass transit filed a lawsuit in Alameda County Superior Court on Tuesday. The petitioner, a group called Bay Area Citizens that says the plan will hurt their property values, is being represented in court by the Pacific Legal Foundation, a Sacramento conservative organization. The lawsuit alleges that Plan Bay Area violates the California Environmental Quality Act by omitting alternatives to its plan to steer 77 percent of future growth near 'priority development areas,' including places like Mission Bay in San Francisco, Oakland's Jack London Square and downtown San Rafael, Walnut Creek and Fairfield."  

Related article.   Marin Independent Journal/Richard Halstead, 8/5/13, "Group co-founded by Larkspur lawyer files suit to block Plan Bay Area." "Bay Area Citizens is being represented free of charge by the Pacific Legal Foundation, a nonprofit legal organization based in Sacramento that litigates nationwide to protect property rights."   Related organizations Pacific Legal Organization. 
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The project issue
San Francisco Chronicle/Neil J. Reiley, 8/6/13.   "Bay Area Citizens sues Plan Bay Area." Plan Bay Area was approved last month by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and the Association of Bay Area Governments after a contentious three-year process involving dozens of public hearings. Its goal is to satisfy state legislation that requires plans to accommodate the more than 2 million people who are expected to move into the Bay Area between now and 2040, while at the same time lowering overall greenhouse gas emissions."  

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Reference One Bay Area/Plan Bay Area, regional initiatives Plan Bay Area. "Plan Bay Area adopted on July 18, 2013." "At an evening meeting in Oakland, MTC and the ABAG Executive Board jointly approved both the final Plan Bay Area — which includes the region’s Sustainable Communities Strategy and the 2040 Regional Transportation Plan — and an associated final Environmental Impact Report. Working in collaboration with cities and counties, the Plan advances initiatives to expand housing and transportation choices, create healthier communities, and build a stronger regional economy.Read more.  

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Anonymous said...

Plan Bay Area will be another big liberal Utopia FAIL.

Anonymous said...

Seriously people think its cheap to live in the Bay Area. They are in for a rude awakening. People will cash out and get the hell out of the rat race, before all these people will move here.

Plus where will they all live? Housing isn't being increased at this great a number?

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of anybody who thinks it's cheap to live in the Bay Area. Where are you? Uranus?