Sunday, August 11, 2013

BART worker compensation compared with other large cities

But, the cost of living is high in the Bay Area
San Francisco Chronicle/Kevin Fagan, 8/10/13.  "BART workers' pay plus benefits among top in U.S."    

 ....  "... BART workers aren't at the top when it comes to salaries, but factor in their low-cost health care and lack of pension contributions, and they may well be among the best-off in the country, a Chronicle analysis shows.

....   Although BART has publicly griped that its workers are getting special treatment with their $92-a-month health care plan and zero payment toward their pensions, those deals are not unique in the transit business."     Read article,  a transit agency compensation chart, comparison with other large cities is included.

Note:  The above photograph is from NBC "Bart Strike on Hold", Panel working to find resolution", 8/5/13.  This article also includes embedded strike news videos.

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