Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tunnels expected to open for traffic by Tuesday morning 3/26/13

Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, 3/19/13. "Devil's Slide tunnels to finally open next Monday."

"The long-awaited opening celebration of the Devil's Slide tunnels on Highway 1 between Pacifica and Half Moon Bay will take place this coming Monday, March 25, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, marching bands and a parade of historic vehicles.   ....  The project features two new bores, one northbound and one southbound, each 4,200 feet long, with a 12-foot lane for traffic and an eight-foot shoulder on the right side and a two-foot shoulder on the left. ....

....  Caltrans District 4 Director Bijan Sartipi said, "We take great pride in this project, not only for the relief it will bring to the local communities, but also for the great care we took in preserving the surrounding environment. Both the tunnels and the new bridges were designed to have the lowest impact possible."

Once the 11 a.m. ceremony is finished, construction crews will finish the final reconfiguration of the roads leading to and from the new tunnels. The tunnels will open to traffic later Monday evening or early Tuesday morning, said Bob Haus, Caltrans spokesperson.  The ceremony will include a parade of vehicles from 1913-2013, organized by Pacifican Mitch Reid."   Read article. 

Related -  Fix Pacifica reprint articles.  Photograph from  NBC Bay Area, includes embedded video, 37 seconds.  San Mateo County Times/Aaron Kinney, 3/24/13, "Devils Slide tunnels open at last," includes 50 embedded photographs, and ABC Channel 7 news video, 2:16 minutes.

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