Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Recent Comments

Blogmaster's update - I found an ugly Recent Comments widget, but at least it's working. I'll see if I can pretty it up when I get the chance.

As some of you have noticed, the Recent Comments section on the left stopped working. I went to replace it a few minutes ago, and the site where I get the code says it's currently broken.

I went to a couple of other Blogger sites that have Recent Comments, and they aren't working, either. It looks like the source of the problem is at Blogger's end. I'll keep fiddling around, but we may have to wait for Blogger to fix it.

This seems to happen about once a year.

Steve Sinai


Anonymous said...

This looks like poop!

Steve Sinai said...

Oh, yeah? Well you smell like poop!

Anonymous said...

Well, you look like poop!

Tom Clifford said...

Thanks for getting something up Steve. Children remember no name calling we all have to play nice.Ha Ha Ha.