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Just say no to the "Group of No", move highway 1 widening forward

Pacifica Tribune, guest columnist, 3/19/13.  My Turn:  It's our turn to say no to the 'The Group of No' by Frank Vella

Fix Highway 1 bottleneck, 1.3 miles
Last week we were subjected to a letter from a group of people many call the "No Group."  I am certain that some of the individuals are sincere in their beliefs yet I am sure that others have their own agenda. Overall I find their letter insulting to the City Council, the residents of Pacifica and all those commuters on Highway 1.

Overall, they are complaining that there is not enough public input regarding the redevelopment on Highway 1 and the Environmental Impact Report. This project has been spoken about for numerous years. Pacifica Riptides has a mention of one of the EIR's from October 22, 2011. One of the "circulators" of this letter has his own website with a heading of  "what are the City and Caltrans trying to hide?"

City infrastructure improvement?
Interesting enough, when another one of these "circulators" was pushing for the biodiesel plant in Rockaway, an environmental report on that project wasn't even needed according to them, and that project, which failed and cost our city precious dollars and time, was pushed through without one. Where were all these concerned citizens then? Where was the outcry over what the city was trying to hide then? Oh, it was one of their projects, so it must have been OK

This attack on our City Council is typical of this group of people; it is uncalled for and not helpful to Pacifica at all. Our council members are intelligent, fair and open. They will proceed in a manner that is meaningful and will be working with Planning on this. To imply otherwise is absolutely insulting.

Yes is green, red is dead     
This group should immediately apologize. The project will certainly be open to discussion with concerned citizens; at that time the "No Group" should step aside and let those citizens speak, we've heard enough from you. Pacifica has been bombarded with many of these same people over the years, the result — extraordinary expenses to the city, individuals, the public, city and private projects. Improvements to the city stopped and many businesses failed. We do not attract many businesses, developers, or entrepreneurs to Pacifica because the climate is so bad with the No Group. They do a great job at what they do. The No Group wants to delay and drive up the cost again for what reason? Does anyone from the No Group want to tell us that they have more experience or knowledge than the engineers at Caltrans for this project? 

Delays are mission impossible
That stretch of highway has needed some sort of improvement for decades. The work won't be easy and it won't be perfect but it needs to be done. There will not be a "smooth flow of traffic" during the construction period, there isn't one now. Pacifica needs to get moving on so many issues, it is unfair to all for this No Group to again drive up the cost to everyone else for their benefit or desires. It's time for the No Group to once again stand along Highway 1 and protest to all the people who are idling and polluting in the traffic, at the same time they can keep pushing the crosswalk button to slow traffic down even more.    

The City Council represents the entire city of 40,000 people; it does not only represent the No Group. Caltrans represents the state. The No Group takes advantage of all of us who have been busy with our families, working, going to school and who have naively placed trust in our government to do the right thing. Many people have not been able to be vocal and be involved; that has to change or the No Group will get their way. Time to stand up and say No to the No Group or realize the things that may happen or as in many times in Pacifica have not happened if we just stand aside and say nothing.    

Related Pacifica Tribune, Tom Edminister, guest columnist, 3/12/13, "Our Turn:  Open letter to the Pacifica City Council."   And another website, "Do you want a FREEWAY in Pacifica? The "freeway" is referring to the 1.3 mile highway widening to correct a long standing traffic bottleneck in Pacifica.  

These opinions and the content of this column are those of Mr. Vella and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Pacifica Tribune."   The Fix Pacifica article photograph framing, captions, and related website is the choice of the article poster. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Is there anything so pitiful then a right wing real estate flunky whose head is about to explode in self-righteous indignation because citizens that hold opinions that differ from his exercise free speech and the right to petition? Vella, you are truly pathetica.

Anonymous said...

Good Letter Frank!

Anonymous said...

He's a realtor? That explains everything.