Friday, March 1, 2013

Some firefighters moving up from San Carlos to Redwood City

Goodbye San Carlos, hello Redwood City
Palo Alto Daily News/Bonnie Eslinger, 2/26/13.  "San Carlos will let its firefighters join Redwood City department."  

San Carlos firefighters could get a 14 percent pay raise under a contract the city's manager has been authorized to negotiate with Redwood City for fire protection service.

Before unanimously OK'ing the negotiations Monday night, city council members said they were concerned that staffing shortages led to overworked firefighters and high overtime costs. ....  Redwood City currently provides a shared fire chief and other managers to oversee firefighters in San Carlos' two stations. Under the proposed change, San Carlos' firefighters would be absorbed by Redwood City's department and receive the higher pay and benefits its employees get.

....  Redwood City pays its top-step firefighters $98,988 a year, according to a memo from Rebecca Mendenhall, San Carlos' administrative services director. In San Carlos, a firefighter at that same tier makes $86,796 a year.   Read article. 

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