Friday, March 29, 2013

Sharp Park levee project raises environmentalists’ ire

A project that repaired a beachfront pathway adjacent to the Sharp Park Golf Course in Pacifica has environmental groups once again concerned about the direction of the San Francisco-maintained property.

The Recreation and Park Department, which manages the Sharp Park open space and golf course, recently completed a small re-grading project on a levee that acts as a path along the beach. The department filled in some potholes and leveled off the berm in some places, but it also left behind a new pile of large boulders on the beach.

The Surfrider Foundation and the Wild Equity Institute — two environmental groups that have sued Rec and Park over its plans for the coastal golf course — consider the boulder placement an act of “armoring” the beach, a practice shunned by conservationists.

Posted by Steve Sinai


Anonymous said...

how can they say those boulders will effect errosion from waves. they are at least 100 feet from the surf. Just another group who's against any change.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:11 sez: "how can they say those boulders will effect errosion from waves. they are at least 100 feet from the surf."

I suppose if you can't actually see it happening, it doesn't exist? Maybe this will clear the haze - take a look at what placing boulders (armoring) did north of the pier.... NO BEACH because of erosion! I bet the homeowners north of the pier love the fact they no longer have a beach. I wonder if Sharp Park homeowners are looking forward to losing their beach so San Francisco can have a golf course? I wonder what that's going to do to home values and resale? I wonder if anyone will look up from their potato chips long enough to care?

ttake a look at what placing boulders north of the pier did - NO BEACH ! I bet the home owners on that side of the pier just love the fact they no longer have a beach! I wonder what that did to their home values???? I guess when Sharp Park beach dissapears because of

Anonymous said...

crunch crunch crunch

Anonymous said...

that beach north of the pier was probably eroded due to the pier. I remember when that beach was 100' wide. If boulders cause beach erosion then what happened on Esplanade? Truth is there are several factors involved. A study just came out saying Pacifica beaches were lost due to sand dredging in the bay.

Bottom line, those frogs and snakes wouldn't even be in the golf course iif it wasn't for the levee keeping the salt water out.

Anonymous said...

Just more of the same from the Palterites!!! They will never stop until all civilization is gone!!

Anonymous said...

Stand on the pier and look at the crumbling sea wall aka retaining wall.

It is falling apart faster then the pier is.

Anonymous said...

No, the view is better looking out to sea. Much better.

Anonymous said...

One man took matters into his own hands and came up bankrupt. Is government always the answer?

Anonymous said...

these enviro nuts will do anything to shut down the golf cource.

That levy is crucial for the protection of Sharp Park homes from flooding. It is used by many people for recreation.

We will not let it crumble into the sea hippies.