Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rockaway Beach sewer main break follow-up

Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, staff, 3/5/13. "Sewer main break releases wastewater into ocean."

"A crack in an old sewer main caused wastewater to overflow out of the ground along Highway 1 south of Fassler at about 4 a.m on Friday (3/1/13).

Rockaway Beach south of Nick's Restaurant
Out of the 5,800 gallons that flowed, city crews contained 4,000 gallons at the south end of Rockaway Beach within an hour and a half. Nevertheless, about 1,800 gallons spilled into the ocean  at Rockaway.  City crews closed Rockaway Beach. Workers opened up the sewer main, removed any wastater in it and repaired a break in the pipe with a repair clamp on Friday.

Ocean water samples -- a colilert test to determine any evidence of coliform or e-coli bacteria and an enterolert test to determine any evidence of enterococci bacteria -- were taken that day. The San Mateo County Public Health Lab determined there was no significant evidence or danger to the public from coliform, e-colil or entrerococci bacteria, according to Josh Cosgrove, assistant superintendent of the Calera Creek Water Recycling Plant."  

Reference - City of Pacifica Press Release  - Fix Pacifica article Press Release link, 3/1/13 was submitted by Pete Olinger, 3/1/13.

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