Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mayor Len Stone interviewed

Ian Butler Wavelength interview with Mayor Len Stone, 3/18/13,, 30:01 minutes. "

Mayor Len Stone interviewed by Ian Butler
Budget. " We need to live within our means and have a reserve set-up."  ...What's available?  A choice of tax measures, police contract outsourcing, cuts (such as Senior Center, meals on wheels, Resource Center, library, PCTV 26). For years our city financial planning has been status quo, with periodic cash infusions.

What the city is doing to improve: 1) Developing an Economic Plan through a consultant to use available resources (land, structures). 2) Becoming proactive (not just reactive) toward development.  Example, the Beach Boulevard project, which includes a hotel, new library, high density housing, and underground parking. Beach Boulevard land mitigation will be completed prior to a developer building the site. 3) Mayor Stone is working with the Economic Development Committee to better serve and  promote sports events.  "We need to be smart with land use."

Environment.  Mayor Stone said much of the trash that accumulates at the bottom of  Pacifica's Secret Waterfall comes from the drains above. The city is working to fix the drains, and mitigate the trash.  Ian Butler said Pacifica Shorebird Alliance agreed the area mapped out for plover habitat on Linda Mar State Beach is larger than needed.

Related City Council. Mayor Len Stone is an advocate for transparency and communication. Example, here's his city council voting record, which is new City website information I thinkAlso see, City Council candidate Len Stone, Smart Voter, 11/2/10.  Prior Interviews - Ian Butler Wavelength interview with Mayor Pro Tem, 3/2/12,, 28:33 minutes, Fix Pacifica Summary and comments,3/4/12.  Pacifica Patch, 7/7/11, "A candid interview with City Councilmember Len Stone.", includes an embedded video, 8:24 minutes.  Acknowledgement. Thanks to Anonymous (3/19/13, 3:58 PM, Council meeting 3/25/13) for advising about this 3/18/13 interview, and including the Vimeo link.   

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Anonymous said...

Ok I stopped reading the first sentence.

We need to set up a reserve, Umm Len, you have no money.

todd bray said...

It's time we interviewed Ian.

Anonymous said...

This tells me it doesn't matter who is mayor, the result is the same.

Mary Ann

same results.

Anonymous said...

519 Anon what do you expect? All the big decisions were made decades ago. All that's left are the scraps in a down-at-the-heels small town. That's a political career-ender, so we meet and fall for the flavor-of-the-month over and over. Life goes on.

Anonymous said...

Well, Len Stone got Butler to admit the snowy plover habitat is a rip off and toooo big. Now let's get rid of it.

Anonymous said...

Obama won't let you build that.

"The report highlights two policy options most likely to increase dense, Manhattan-style urban development, without exceeding the traditional limits of federal authority. Those options are eliminating the home-mortgage interest deduction and conditioning future federal aid of all kinds on local adherence to “smart growth” principles. Of these, I think the second is the most likely to be implemented. The built environment report also says that the most convenient bureaucratic channel through which to manage such federal pressure is the Partnership for Sustainable Communities.

Anonymous said...

Oh he did, did he? Big deal. It's too little, too late. This council already stepped in a big pile of it. The plover zealots brought in the USFWS, Coastal Commission and the State. They're not going away.
Paid parking is tied to the plover
protections which now include the expandable corral. These are not yet breeding plovers on LMB so all that was ever necessary was some signs on the beach but this and previous councils botched the whole issue. For those who want to hide behind the "No money in the city budget" excuse...the money will be found elsewhere. Not everyone is as inept as this council.

Anonymous said...

I like Len but he and Nihart totally screwed us over when he allowed police outsourcing to be taken off the table until December. All supposedly to settle contracts with no real wage cuts?

Why have they all been delaying and hiding the report and throwing wrenches in it ever being considered. Are they getting pressure from Tasa? Because from what I hear the sworn officers would lover to be part of the Sheriff Dept. I think we just lost 2 officers to them recently.

So why? Can you tell us why Mary Ann and Len?

BTW good going Mike ONeill for watching our butts.

Anonymous said...

957 good grief! we couldn't have anything controversial going on during a re-election campaign year. where are your priorities?