Saturday, March 16, 2013

Treasures and Trivia of Pacifica 2

How much do you know about Pacifica?
Come have some fun and learn new information about our coastal town at Treasures and Trivia of Pacifica!

This treasure hunt excursion will mimic the “great race” where teams compete against each other for some terrific gifts and cash prizes. 
Let’s see if you can identify unique landmarks and answer historical questions about our town. 
Teams will be given a list of businesses and other destinations, and the trick is to see how quickly your team can get from place to place, correctly answer trivia questions and make it back before other teams. 
The race starts and ends at the Pacifica Spindrift Theatre.
$15 a person until April 1st; after that $20 a person.
Teams of Four suggested and encouraged
Bring your Digital Camera or Cell phone

Food and refreshments will be available for purchase. Your Participation Will Help Three Non-profits in Pacifica.

For more information call Mike O'Neill at 650-359-7190 or email:

Click on the link to sign up-

Submitted by Susan Vellone

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