Monday, March 4, 2013

Crime floated in to Linda Mar State Beach this morning

Peninsula/Palo Alto Daily News/Joshua Melvin, 3/4/13. "Pacifica:  Police surround stolen boat that has run aground."  10:59 AM update.

Breakfast at Taco Bell this morning
"PACIFICA -- Authorities have surrounded a stolen 82-foot yacht that ran aground at a Pacifica beach early Monday, but the people aboard have not responded to orders from police. The Darling was reported stolen after its owner saw news reports on TV about the boat, "Darlin," Sausalito police Sgt. Bill Fraass said. It appears the boat was taken around 1:30 a.m.

The three people aboard the Darling were not talking to authorities and "their relationship to the owner" was unclear, Coast Guard Ensign Corinne Gaines said. Authorities were weighing their next steps.  The Coast Guard got word the boat was aground at Linda Mar beach just before 6 a.m. and have a rescue boat and helicopter at the scene. A rescue swimmer brought a radio to the people aboard the boat, but so far "they have not communicated well, if at all," said Gaines." Note:  The article link above  includes 5 photos.

Update - KTVU, 3/4/13, "Three people were arrested Monday after the 82-foot sailboat they allegedly stole from a Sausalito marina became stranded in the shallow waters off Pacifica’s Linda Mar Beach. After a standoff with police and the Coast Guard that stretched for hours, the two men and a woman were taken off the boat just before noon."   Read more. 

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Anonymous said...

Did any West Coast Snowy Plovers get hurt during this situation?

Kathy Meeh said...

Thanks for sharing your update, Anonymous 12:20 PM. That information and link have been posted to the article.

Anonymous said...

I told you all the crim happens in Linda Mar

Anonymous said...

This takes the heat off Pacifica city council about the poop spill.

Anonymous said...

Crime? A two and ahlf million dollar yacht runs aground practically on LM Beach. We need more crime like this. Puts us on peoples radar.

Pirates in Linda Mar! C'mon Chamber, City, anybody awake--make something of this!

Anonymous said...

uh oh, did the city council have another accident?