Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Quarry Owner Commits to Construction of Hotel on Site

Paul Heule gives firm commitment to the public and city leaders
regarding Quarry site plans

PACIFICA, CA – In a conversation with Pacifica city officials Monday and a well-attended town hall meeting later that night, Pacifica Quarry site owner Paul Heule publicly stated his commitment to ensure the proposed hotel described in the Pacifica Quarry entitlement applications on file with the City is constructed either first or concurrently with any residential development on the site. The commitment is the latest in a string of public decisions made by the ownership team to support the community and provide the best of all worlds for Pacifica city residents and visitors: sustainable, limited development that brings in significant tax revenue for the City while protecting open space and the environment.
“While we have always been committed to building the hotel, I publicly reiterated that commitment yesterday afternoon, that we will build the hotel first, or concurrently with any residential development at the Quarry,” said Paul Heule, President of Eenhoorn, LLC. “The hotel at the Quarry will be a destination that will bring extraordinary benefits to Pacifica, driving the bulk of the new job creation and tax revenue to pay for vital city services like street repair & maintenance, parks, and public safety protection. It is our hope that the hotel will also serve as a community space, hosting conferences, weddings, and other important local functions.”
Measure W, which will be before Pacifica voters on November 8th, would authorize the City Council to approve residential uses for the property, and would set strict guidelines for any future development on the property for residential, hotel, office, and retail uses. Those guidelines require that any proposed development on the site must restore and protect as open space a minimum of 75% of the property, implement green building standards, and mitigate for any significant traffic impacts after conducting a thorough traffic study. The City Council can rezone the Quarry site to include residential development only if Measure W is approved by the voters in November. That process would include a robust environmental review and multiple opportunities for the community to participate and get involved in reviewing and commenting on the proposal.
Located along Pacifica’s spectacular coast, the Quarry encompasses 86 privately owned acres within the City. It forms a “missing piece” of a larger coastal open space system, including Rockaway State Beach to the south and Mori Point to the north. The Quarry can provide critical connections and a permanent open space buffer; site restoration, however, will require extensive grading for mining reclamation, wetlands and creek enhancement, and improvements to trails. Limited and sensitive redevelopment of the site, subject to voter approval, will finance this restoration.
Posted by Steve Sinai


Anonymous said...

Publish the official contract.

Anonymous said...

Let's see a signed agreement with the city.

Disappoined Dan said...

So he "promised". Great. A hotel and some apartments. What about the retail, town square, trails, etc? This guy has done everything wrong from the start.

Anonymous said...

He "publicly reiterated that commitment." I'm so glad.

Anonymous said...

looks like chamber has endorsed this project. Big Tribune ad signed by chamber board of directors member...wonder if chamber got more info then what public sees??

Kathy Meeh (ode to less than zero) said...

^^^ " ..wonder if chamber got more info then what public sees??"
954, you mean like a new Pacifica Chamber of commerce member? Probably that.

Let us know when you have some facts, rather than innuendo and speculation . Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Chamber has not endorsed the project. Ad is signed by a Chamber board member. If Chamber endorsed, the board must have voted. My understanding is that Chamber board is split on this issue, but that's not facts, just rumor.

Julie Re said...

According to the City of Pacifica, there is no deal.

which is more of the same -


todd bray said...

Hahaha, no doubt no deal. BTW NO on W while we're all here.

Steve Sinai said...

There does have to be a signed agreement between the developer and the city guaranteeing both the retail and hotel will be built before I vote for this.

Anonymous said...

Any signed agreement has to be approved by the City Council.

Unknown said...

Why is he talking about a hotel in conjunction with Measure W at all? If he wants to build a hotel, the land is already zoned for it. He could save a lot of time and money by putting a damned shovel in the ground and getting to work on the hotel. It would not require a vote at all and the city and CoC would have scorch marks on their thighs from dropping their pants so fast to get it built.

But this isn't about hotels, or green space, or signs for the Rockaway merchants, or free love and tacos, or any of that noise. What is on the ballot is approval to rezone the quarry for 206 Multi Family Units.

The City already released their own press release clearly stating that there is no such agreement, and his commitment is not worth the paper it was written on...it's just more spin from our friend in Michigan now that his PR and marketing droids have realized no one is buying the "Restore the Quarry" BS.