Wednesday, August 17, 2016

More parks and trails for dogs considered, San Mateo County

The Daily Journal (San Mateo County), Bill Silverfarb, 8/15/16.  "County looks to give dogs room to roam:  Committee formed to update policies in county parks."

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Been here, I recognize this trail.
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Time to take the human for a walk
.... "The parks department operates 20 separate parks, encompassing 17,071 acres, and 190 miles of county and local trails, including three regional trails. “This could open up more park space to dogs and enhance the visitor experience,” said Marlene Finley, director of the San Mateo County Parks Department.

The Parks Commission just formed a Dog Management Committee comprised of 10 members including two county parks commissioners, a county park ranger, representatives from unincorporated areas of the mid-coast, the Pescadero area and North Fair Oaks, as well as representatives from conservation groups, equestrians, bicyclists and dog advocates. Both the Peninsula Humane Society and San Mateo County Resource Conservation District have agreed to serve in an advisory capacity. The committee’s first meeting will be scheduled for September and recommendations are expected by June 2017, Finley said.

The Golden Gate National Recreation Area is also developing new rules for dogs in its parks that could open up more space for them in the future. Currently, however, dogs are only allowed on-leash on GGNRA land in San Mateo County at Milagra Ridge, Mori Point and Sweeney Ridge trails and Rancho Corral de Tierra."  Read more.

Note photographs. Puppy, a BuzzFeed presentation for Purina Chow from Gregory Mancuso Photography, video 3:34 minutes. Sweeney Ridge trail by S. Suresh from Dog Friendly Hikes/Sweeney Ridge, 5/12/15. 

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