Thursday, August 11, 2016

Estimated Pacifica Library Bond Tax Rate Reduced

Estimated rate has gone down from $23 to $17.84 per $100,000 of
assessed home value. That means a property owner with a home at an assessed value of $400,000 would shell out $71.36 per year rather than $92 per year. Release 20160811 LibraryTax Rate Reduced.pdf

Posted by Steve Sinai


todd bray said...

Phui, Simply saying we will pay $17 less than originally calculated means nothing except to show staffs disregard for the public. The message is clear, "Pay up Suckers."

The Ghost of Common Sense said...

I say build the world's first subterranean library-aquarium. This way we can thumb our noses at Mama Nature and her C-Level ruse, provide valuable reading space for the 2-3 people who still use a brick and mortar library and give our Pathetica economy a much needed injection of tourist scratch. We can even have an open bid auction for naming rights. I'm thinking, "The Todd Bray Knowledge Center". Pony up, Toddler!

Anonymous said...

The staff that couldn't shoot straight is changing numbers to favor their pet project. Surprise, surprise.

More to come people, just wait for it.