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Tech inventor/entrepreneur/investor died at Linda Mar beach this week

...."Blake Krikorian, known for creating the Slingbox online TV device with his brother Jason, had just gone paddle boarding off Linda Mar beach in Pacifica when he was found lying next to his car in the parking lot, according to San Mateo County Coroner Robert Foucrault. Foucrault said the cause was still being investigated, but that the death appeared to be of natural causes." SF Gate/Benny Evangelista, 8/4/16,"Blake Krikorian, Slingbox co-founder, tech investor, dies."
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Blake Krikorian died Wednesday, 8/3/16
of an apparent heart attack
at Linda Mar Beach Parking lot.

.... "Krikorian and his brother Jason co-founded Sling Media in 2004, which created the Slingbox place-shifting device for watching TV over the Internet. Sling Media was acquired by EchoStar in 2007 for $380 million, which at the time was the parent company of Dish Network." Variety/Todd Spangler, NY Digital Editor, 8/4/16, "Blake Krikorian Dead: Sling Co-Founder, Tech Entrepreneur, dies at 48."


.... "Blake Krikorian became an active angel investor, served on the board of Amazon and also did a stint as head of Microsoft's interactive entertainment business after it bought another company he founded and called id8 Group R2 Studios that worked on home automation. .... Those include some promising startups, such as Lytro, Kno, Clipboard, Chirply and Tasty Labs. Krikorian also invested in Clicker, which was sold to CBS and, more recently, FreeWheel, which sold to Comcast. His latest focus remained on home automation, which has been a personal interest for some time, including wiring (or, more precisely, wireless-ing) up his own house in a variety of ever more complex digital experiments. .... Most importantly, Krikorian made deep friendships all over the sector and was a tireless supporter in those relationships. He was one of the people who helped his former partner, Jason Hirschhorn, recover after his emergency heart surgery last year. Krikorian is survived by his wife Cathy and two daughters. His death leaves them, and all of Silicon Valley really, devastated.Recode/Kara Swisher, 8/4/16, "Beloved Silicon Valley entrepreneur Blake Krikorian has died at 48. The Slingbox founder had been involved with Microsoft, Amazon and dozens of startups."


Related, fast facts. Heavy News/Tom Cleary, 8/4/16,"Blake Krikorian dead: 5 fast fact you need to know." "1. He suffered a heart attack while surfing near San Francisco;  2. He was married and had two daughters. 3. Krikorian and his brother created the Slingbox in 2004 and later sold their company for $380 million. 4. He grew up in the Bay Area and played water polo at UCLA. 5. Krikorian was a 'beloved' member of the Silicon Valley community."  CEPro/Julie Jacobson, 8/4/16, "Slingbox Founder and Tech Entrepreneur.." "... Krikorian sold his little invention, which allowed users to watch broadcast TV anytime anywhere... ... Dish Network continues to use Sling as a hallmark of its TV-everywhere platform.

Related, Blake's brother Adam.  San Jose Mercury News/Sports/Associated Press/Jay Cohen, 8/6/16. "Slingbox's Blake Krikorian found dead in parking lot."  .... "Blake Krikorian's brother, U.S. women's water polo coach Adam Krikorian, has left the Olympic team to be with his family. .... Adam and Blake Krikorian played water polo for UCLA, and Adam Krikorian also coached at the school.  Adam Krikorian of Mountain View, plans to return Rio on Monday, the team said. The United States plays Spain in its Olympic opener Tuesday. Adam Krikorian coached the United States to its first Olympic gold medal in women's water polo at the London Games. The team is favored to win again in Rio de Janeiro."  Note photograph from the related San Jose Mercury News article. 


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