Sunday, August 21, 2016

Lampoon karma, ".. couldn't happen to a nicer guy"


The Guardian, UK/Art and Design/Murray Whyte, 8/19/16. "Ageist and body-syhaming Trump statue falls short as art and satire."   


"What has been seen, the saying goes, cannot be unseen, and for Indecline, a self-professed 'anarchist art collective', that was surely the point: on Thursday, the group installed five life-size effigies of Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, in five cities across the US that left nothing to the imagination.

Image result for Photograph of Donald Trump
And here's what I think of you,
and your outrageous politics!
If you have none yourself, the title helped you out. The Emperor Has No Balls, the group gleefully dubbed it, stealth-installing duplicates of the naked Trump in New York, San Francisco, Cleveland, Seattle and Los Angeles. Each lasted barely an hour before being removed, but in an era where viral image-sharing precludes the fact of actually being there, that was more than long enough. The thousands of naked Trump selfies pinging around the social mediasphere made avoiding the gruesome spectacle impossible. Naked Trump is a part of us now, a perpetual presence forever an ill-fated Google image search away. " Read article.


Related news, New York.  CNN/Theodore Schleifer, 8/19/16, "NYC Parks Dept. issues cheeky response to naked Trump statue." "The most surprising government agency to lampoon Donald Trump this week? The New York City Parks Department.The department issued a short response after an arts group called Indecline hoisted a life-size, naked Trump statue in Union Square park Thursday. 'NYC Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small,' said Sam Biederman, a parks spokesman."


Related news, San Francisco NBC Bay Area trending/Riya Bhattacharjee, 8/19/16,"'We want to show the world what a fraud he is': SF Supervisor wants to save naked Donald Trump statue." ".... The statue is currently in possession of the Mission District police station, according to a sergeant there. .... For San Francisco Supervisor Scott Weiner, the statue is more than entertainment — it's political art. Weiner wants to get the Trump statue out of custody and find a home for it, such as Lefty O'Doul's, an Irish sports bar in Union Square. 'We want to show the world what a fraud he is,' Weiner said at a press conference Friday morning. He said he wants to save the statue so San Francisco can be reminded of Trump's 'ridiculousness through the elections'." 


Note: photograph. Man with taking selfie by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images from News, 8/19/16, "Naked Trump becomes the butt of jokes."  Idiom, "It couldn't happen to a nicer guy":, or, The Free Dictionary.


Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

What if he wins?

Hillary Trumps Trump said...

"It just absolutely bewilders me when I hear Donald Trump try to talk about national security," Mrs Clinton said, pointing to US vice president Joe Biden's dissection of Mr Trump's foreign policy at a Pennsylvania event on Monday.

Hillary seems bewildered by many things:

She didn’t understand that a secretary of state is required by law to use a government email system instead of a personal non-secure server.

She had so little understanding of national security laws that FBI director Comey couldn’t tell if she intended to break the law.

Hillary seemed to have no idea that Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation shouldn’t take donations from businesses, individuals, and foreign countries doing business with the State Department.

She doesn’t understand the difference between personal emails and business emails.

She doesn’t understand that as secretary of state, you would obviously receive and send some classified emails in four years.

She didn’t understand that government officials are required to obey FOIA laws and cooperate with inspectors general.

She is so stymied by simple questions that she may “short circuit” instead of telling the truth.

She had no idea that Libya wasn’t safe and was requesting additional security measures and therefore wasn’t responsible for not protecting our people.

She doesn’t understand the difference between a planned terrorist attack and a spontaneous demonstration.

She doesn’t understand why it makes a difference why or how Americans died.

She is bewildered about how to tell the truth to family members of those who died.

She had no idea that Egypt wasn’t stable and that Assad wasn’t a reformer.

The red reset button with Russia was especially confusing.

She doesn’t know that a president should tell the truth when attempting to secure a deal with the greatest terrorist-sponsoring country to give it $100s of billions.

She doesn’t understand that if you are required to give cash before the release of hostages, it is ransom and a violation of law.

She truly has a hard time understanding that a president is supposed to obey all laws, not just ones he likes.

She is bewildered that the Constitution allows free speech and freedom of association and prevents Congress from making laws that infringe on political speech.

I hope Hillary is never asked to debate with someone who will explain to her that the climate changed billions of years before humans and before fossil fuels.

She doesn’t have any idea that businesses and corporations create jobs.

She is especially confused by the TPP trade agreement. She used to be 100% for it; now she is 100% against it. Somehow her writings supporting the agreement aren’t available.

They probably are in the same place those Rose Law Firm billing records were.

She said she didn’t know that businesses would cut hours when Obamacare punishes them for allowing workers to work over 30 hours per week.

Hillary is bewildered on so many things concerning the economy, domestic policy, and foreign policy that every headline about Hillary should just be:

“Hillary is bewildered. Again.”

Kathy Meeh ("anybody but Trump": vote Clinton) said...

740, now we know more far right-wing talking points and mythology for the Fascist presidential candidate that unfortunately represents the Republican party this year.
For the sake of the Country, to defeat Donald Trump, hopefully more moderate Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, Greens and Democrats will vote for, and elect rational and steady Hillary Clinton.
She has played fair with moderate Republicans and others in the past, and will be a consensus maker as possible in the future.

740, contrary to your inaccurate comments, Hillary Clinton is a seasoned professional, with a track record of efficiency and working for just causes-- examples, when she was 1st Lady: 1) promoting health insurance for all, including the regulation which did occur: "Healthy Families" (insures children under 18 for lower income families).
When she was NY Senator, after 9-11 she worked with President Bush to secure: 2) Government funding to help restore damaged small-medium business in NYC. (Downside: I think Trump applied for and took $250,000 from that 9-11 funding even though his business was apparently not damaged-- shameful, isn't it?)
As Secretary of State (3rd in line to the presidency), 3) she represented our country internationally through a whole lot of diplomacy, negotiations, and conflict, (and was part of the team that ended Osama Bin Laden).

Hillary Clinton's policies, strategy and indications of her humanity are transparent, observable, and for the most part clearly understood. Many stated policy issues are posted on her Clinton for President website.
As for the Clinton Foundation, it's a non-profit charity foundation, following usual business practices, and government regulations. The Clinton Foundation includes an oversight Board of Directors, and files required Non-profit Financial Reports and Tax Filings.
The Bush Family also has a non-profit Foundation, and Barbara Bush has a Foundation.

As for 30,000+15,000 = 45,000 emails-- that's a whole lot of emails, which have so far (and are expected in the future) to amount to "a big nothing burger". 30,000 emails NO CHARGES, no intent to do anything but conduct business, and clearly no intent to defraud-- end of that story, period.
Which brings us to government oversight and compliance. If there was an email "problem", where was that government and technology oversight????
And as for the outside government server in the home of a former President and Secretary of State-- security there may have been better than government (which at some levels has been hacked in the past, as we know).

Somewhat related questions: 1) Could you handle or even bother to read that many emails without deleting a bunch? And, 2) How would you, or do you separate-out
emails that are personal from business? A separate email address might work, and that's probably what Hillary Clinton did for the most part.
Finally, considering your 740 spin list (above) is trash, no real factual answers are expected.
One more question, where are ANY transparent tax returns from for your predator business (no government experience) hero Donald Trump?

Anonymous said...

Kathy, after much contemplation, I have concluded that your blind allegiance to Hillary can best be described in one word, "desperate".

Kathy Meeh (Country over blind "contemplation") said...

828, without need for much contemplation anyone who is sane, over age 3, IQ above 70 might experience "high anxiety" with the thought of Donald Trump anywhere near the White House.
How do you feel?

Anonymous said...

I have blind allegiance to any Presidential candidate who isn't a Trump-ish fool. I have a hard time understanding why any sane, intelligent person could even consider voting for this very dangerous narcissistic ass clown.

Anonymous said...

I will never be able to un-see this. (BTW, NICE take down Kathy).

Anonymous said...

Voting for Trump is truly the desperate cry of a dangerously mentally ill human being.

Anonymous said...

The only thing worse than Obama would be a Trump Presidency!

Anonymous said...

"dangerous narcissistic ass clown" - from where I'm sitting, sounds exactly like Hillary.

Anonymous said...

10:07 Nice try. It doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

"Dangerous"? I believe the record will show that it was Hillary who voted for the War in Iraq. FACT. Trump, however, is on the record as being against that war. Hillary was also the one who denied additional security troops at Benghazi leading to the many deaths there. She then lied about the entire situation in a lame attempt to protect herself from being called "dangerous".

Apparently, it does work.

Kathy Meeh (memo to journey into the dark side) said...

418, 1007, ah you're back. Even right-wing Glen Beck rejects the ongoing, dangerous lies and deception of Donald Trump. Why not you?
The Week,8/25/16,"Glenn Beck calls Trump's campaign CEO 'dangerous' and a 'destroyer of everything'" ..."Beck has never been a Trump fan..."
Actually I saw the Lawrence O'Donnell/MSNBC, 8/24 interview, and thought Glen Beck was saying the same about Donald Trump-- "dangerous, Leninist, a destroyer of everything".

And guess you forgot, the Iraq war was promoted by the George W. Bush administration. The 911 attack on the USA occurred in New York City; the State where Hillary Clinton was Senator. So what would you have done, and what authorized information would you have accepted given those circumstances?

As for the Benghazi attack, funding accountability for Ambassador diplomatic outposts/embassies security comes from the US Congress (Republican controlled then and now)--- that's an easy Google search, try "diplomatic outposts funding comes from where".
And here's a Think Progress article, 10/10/12, where Rep. Jason Chaffetz states, "I 'absolutely' voted to cut funding for embassy security."
Rep. Jason Chaffetz also lead the follow-up Congressional Benghazi (witch-hunt) Hearing, where Hillary testified for 10 hours-- and that was another big "nothing burger."

Anonymous said...

So Kathy, now you find Glen Beck credible. Okay, have it your way. You told us what he has to say about Trump. Let's see what he says about Hillary:

"...I think there are tons of Hillary Clinton people that had maybe voted for the Clintons in the past or thought they would like Hillary Clinton that are now to the point of, she is so corrupt, she is so much about her and her foundation, which is completely corrupt, she is building an absolute dynasty of corruption."

Oh darn! I thought it was going to be something positive. You know, something that would change my mind and make me vote for her. sigh...

Kathy Meeh (memo a Trump defender) said...

820, like I care how you vote? California will win with Hillary Clinton.
And from your rebuttal to my 546 comment, it seems Glen Beck may be a component of your own, now referred to Alt-right political faction.

Think I said even Glen Beck isn't supporting Donald Trump, and considers Trump's campaign CEO (in the O'Donnell interview I also heard Trump) lies are "dangerous and deceptive". To that extent, I agree with Beck.

Aside from Beck's comment, you quoted a rumor that Clinton or Clintons (or the Foundation), are corrupt. If you're also spreading that rumor, where is your proof? Any indictment out there? That's what I thought.
Ah, but you may have read it in a Trump fact reference: The National Enquirer, it must be true.

Apparently Hillary gave a speech today, which describes Donald Trump's campaign affiliates and strategy. See the Atlantic/David A. Graham, 8/25/16, "Clinton's indictment of a Trump campaign built on 'prejudice and paranoia'."

Anonymous said...

Kathy, maybe you and The Donald can work out this rift you two seem to have. So here's your chance to go to dinner with the Trumpster and see if the two of you can put your collective heads together and come up with a plan that will bring us world peace, racial harmony and ubiquitous prosperity. Consider this, who would you go to if you wanted advice/assistance on developing the Quarry: Hillary or Trump? C'mon, be honest...

Kathy Meeh (For the sake of America and the world, never Trump: vote Clinton) said...

8/26,836, with regard to your "trump go fund me" link-- guess even "$10 billionaire" Donald Trump, "self-funded", needs YOUR contributions.
Hope you win dinner, but better make sure he pays early so when he slips out, you don't get stuck with the bill.

If before he splits dinner, YOU consult Trump to develop the Quarry (and he does develop the Quarry), expect a big Trump hotel with casino, those who built the hotel stiffed-- and, a HUGE profit for Trump again, after he declares that bankruptcy. (Fast-track the project, and this could be his bankruptcy #7.)

Yep, Donald Trump is an irregular American nationalist, anti-hero. Enjoy dinner!

Anonymous said...

Kathy, probably best that you dine with your gal Hillary instead. I suppose that somehow the bill will get paid (or not). But if you make your living doing the serving, better count on getting stiffed by this so called "friend of the blue collar worker":

And Kathy, do you really think that whoever develops the Quarry that there won't be a big profit in it for them? Do you actually think that the likes of Peebles and Swenson were wearing Santa suits and ringing a bell for charity? And how do you think Hillary turned $0 into half a billion dollars when her and hubby Bill left Arkansas in favor of D.C.? Business transactions (Hillary style) are a zero sum game. Hillary's gain was some poor schmuck's loss. Sure hope she didn't displace another struggling family out on the streets...

Kathy Meeh (memo to low information mean street) said...

744, I actually think Trump is sociopathic, and your anonymous comments are idiotic.
Got it now?

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, Kathy, I really don't care what you think. You are a hopeless Hillary shill and apologist. It wouldn't matter to you if Hillary was standing over a dead body with smoking gun in hand - you would always rationalize her innocence. For some disturbing reason, you believe a "D" after your name is a license to kill/steal.

As an example, if a Republican ever had a history of KKK membership, you would be all over them - relentless in your attacks. I can hear it now, "Racist, bigot, sociopath, psychopath, ..." It wouldn't matter how much contrition they demonstrated. But when it is a Democrat, like the late Robert Byrd, you conveniently look the other way. I know your type. The end always justifies the means. That's why you should ease up your attacks on the so-called "NIMBYS". They are much more like you than you care to admit. And if you censor this rebuttal to your overt nastiness, we can add "coward" and "bully" to the list of adjectives that describe you and your venom.

Kathy Meeh (did you say, bully for you?) said...

1116, if anyone "ever had a history of KKK" I would want them to gain better information, evolve, and develop more human centered attitudes. Hopefully they would; you might be the exception.

It is you who prefers impulsive, hateful, nationalistic, fascist Donald Trump ideology. Fortunately, many Republicans will choose an alternative presidential candidate to vote for: some will vote for Clinton, welcome aboard!

The problem is, before changing his mind, as President, Trump might press the button to blow-up the world. And if so, even living on the other side of the Mexican wall in Mexico will not be safe enough.
By contrast, I prefer a rational, steady, reasonable policy driven candidate who is qualified to be President (by educational background, proven experience, temperament, ethical and humane behavior, good business practices and vision).

Ah, hopefully Nimbies will vote in solidarity for a unified Clinton victory this year too! That might be a sacrifice for them, (as well as some moderate Republicans), but the Trump alternative is plain scary.
Have a nice day anonymous (non-nasty, non-venom, non-coward, non-bully).

CWR said...

Hitlery probably has the election rigged in her favor already. It's sad what the candidates we have in this election which shows you America will get what it deserves. Since Trump won't have a chance here in California all I can do is attract votes for Gary Johnson & Bill Weld Libertarian Party for U.S.President-Vice President.

Anonymous said...

A Brit called Trump a fetid pork mannequin. Those Brits have such a way with the language. Poetry with razor sharp edges to describe such banal vileness. Calling him Don the Con isn't nearly as much fun, 'though we do get full marks for American bluntness.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news 744. Mother Theresa, Jesus, the Apostles, old Abe, Gandhi, Buddha, John Lennon, Reverend King, FDR, GW and TJ, et al, are not coming back to run for President of the USA. Nor do they need to. Hillary 2016!

Anonymous said...


An all star cast of city council as you mentioned above and Warren Buffet couldn't save Pacifica from the goons currently on city council. They have done permanent damage to the city.

Anonymous said...

9:25 I don"t think its all Keener and Digres fault. Lancelle, deJarnutt and Vreeland had many years to lay the foundation for this disaster.

Anonymous said...

925 Oh good grief. What else is new? Hey, I hear Don the Con is getting ready for his post-loss role. Ohhhh, Hillary get your birth certificate ready!

Anonymous said...

"Those goons currently on city council" - Mary Ann Nihart, Mike O'Neill, Karen Ervin are the majority. What permanent damage have they done to the city?

Anonymous said...


Digree is just as guilty as Vreeland, Lancelle, and "sneaky Pete" De-jar-of-nuts.

Unknown said...

MOST IMPORTANT, prevent Deidre Martin from joining the goons (Keener & Digre) for a majority NOBY vote.

Anonymous said...

Oh please 1044, no questions. It's not like we really want answers. Complain and blame is what we live for.

Anonymous said...


Deidre Martin is in with Peter Loeb and his gang of no.

Smart money and Vegas odd's says she wins.

Anonymous said...

Of course Deirdre Martin wins. Mike Bell just guaranteed it. In polarized Pacifica, who's against you is often the force multiplier for who's for you. Some well-known endorsements are pure poison to the majority of voters who simply watch the never-ending growth vs no growth battle from the sidelines and then weigh in on election day. Then it's back to the comfy, familiar sidelines. That's Pacifica.

Anonymous said...

12:32 .....not if she is exposed as the fraud that she is. She is the candidate of the NOBY's who want nothing for Pacifica, no construction of affordable housing, no investment or maintenance in and the resulting destruction of West Sharp Park with "managed retreat", and shifting the council majority back to nothing for Pacifica by voting with Keener and Digre.
Don't be fooled.

Anonymous said...

846 Really? Her alignment with the NOBY's makes her a fraud? You think anyone is buying that line other than those like yourself who have already bought it? Kinda like Trump. He can't grow his base and neither can you. And for the same reason...your rhetoric has limited appeal. You don't know Pacifica.

Kathy Meeh (NIMBY policies have degraded this City) said...

100, but we do know twisted NIMBY campaigning, and the deeds that have kept Pacifica limited and poor.
And currently, do you really think wiping-out West Sharp Park through "managed retreat" policies is anything but a really wrong-headed fraud against the City and the people who live here-- especially the people who live in West Sharp Park?

Anonymous said...

I don't know about managed retreat being a fraud, but it's going to put a crimp in all those plans for a new downtown, library, and the rest of the pipe dream. Seems like managed retreat is driven by economics and we know where Pacifica places in that contest. Grants and loans? Who's going to take that bet? State and Fed may not want to play in that game. They'd never be able to cash out.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who uses Mama Nature as reason to not improve Pacifica is a fraud. The same arguments about sea level rise can be made about earthquakes (i.e., San Andreas Fault proximity) and so on.

My concern is more with the current City Council where supposedly, the "NOBIES/NIMBYS" are a minority. So why isn't more getting done NOW, while we have the majority? This will go down in history as the period of lost opportunity or opportunity squandered. What a pity...

Anonymous said...

People who think that managed retreat means wiping out West Sharp Park are Chicken Littles crying that the sky is falling. Managed retreat doesn't mean abandoning the neighborhood and opening the flood gates to let it be destroyed. The key word is managed. It means taking into account that there are homes, businesses, important infrastructure and facilities and resources that need to be protected as much as possible, within the limits of our abilities to do so in the face of sea level rise, winter storms, high tides, and seasonal flooding. The foaming-at-the-mouth nut jobs who are running around screaming about managed retreat taking out the whole neighborhood are extremists who are trying to stir up opposition to the concept of managed retreat without understanding what it means. Take a breath and get rational. Nobody supports letting an entire neighborhood disappear.

Anonymous said...

3:44 You are either a fool or you are trying to fool everyone else. Keener and his support group (including Deirdre Martin) are pushing "managed retreat". They have defined it as NOT building a proper sea wall on Beach Blvd and not maintaining the earthen berms west of the golf course. According to their own calculations and that of Moffat and Nickel, this will eventually result in the inundation of all of West Sharp Park and West Fairway up to Highway One. Beware Rockaway and Linda Mar, you're next!
Don't be a putz, read their literature. Read their findings and read their Failure Analysis recommendations. It all leads to the same place. West sharp Park is doomed to be underwater. You sound like Trump trying to walk back his bullshit deportation strategy cuz he knows that the Normal Majority isn't buying it. "Managed Retreat" in this application is nothing but deliberate destruction by enviro-cultists.

Call BS BS said...

So 3:44, how do you reconcile Keener's remark made at a council meeting that he won't vote to spend a dime west of highway one? No mention of protecting anything. Keener, and his hand picked candidate, martin, are lock step with the group that is doing an end run to take the golf course, people be damned.

Anonymous said...

The golf course killers and tax payer parasites are funding Deirdre Martin's campaign.

Anonymous said...

Homework assignment: What is managed retreat? Why are countries around the world selectively adopting the managed retreat strategy for all/part of their coastal areas? Try and be objective. Maybe pretend you live in Nebraska and don't own property/pay taxes in coastal San Mateo County. Give it a try!

Anonymous said...

Managed retreat in Pacifica: "ESA's award-winning managed retreat project reduced flooding hazards by realigning oceanfront property and infrastructure away from coastal erosion hotspots, and restored estuarine functioning on San Pedro Creek. This project was identified as a Top Restored Beach by the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association in 2005 and is featured on the NOAA website in the Shoreline Management: Managed Retreat area."

Sharon said...

@9:09 am 8/31, you've posted that link before and as "rantanon" Mike Bell pointed out no homes/businesses involved in that project. It's a whole different story in West Sharp Park and Rockaway and you know it. Just wonder what the economics are of a class action law suit by the thousands of businesses and residents of those west of the highway would be vs. just getting busy and building a working seawall and maintaining the berm. Further there are a bunch of rusting ship hulls in Suisun bay that could be sunk just off shore and would work beautifully as reefs. Why the hell doesn't somebody get busy with that, they have been sitting there for many years. Millions of dollars, coming from our taxes being spent on the Bayside to protect the big tech companies but not a damn dime on the coast.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing new about the managed retreat strategy and coastlines. There's also nothing new about how poorly it's understood or how emotional the response is. Unlikely anyone directly impacted will ever become a fan of managed coastal retreat. Guess we're going to find out how those people in steel mills and auto plants felt when their lives changed forever due to circumstances beyond their control.

Anonymous said...

In fact there were homes and businesses involved in the Pacifica State Beach Managed Retreat project. And it is not a whole different story in west Sharp Park and Rockaway. The concept of managed retreat does not mean abandoning an entire neighborhood. But refusal to understand that may well lead to pointless lawsuits that will ultimately lose. Go ahead and bury your head in the sand – the sand that won't be there when you want and need it to be.

Sharon said...

These are not circumstances beyond our control, there is plenty that can and should be done to protect our coastline and those living adjacent to it. Including the freekin' frogs who don't like the salt water..

Anonymous said...

It's a bitter pill, but there are very real limits to what can be done and controversy among even the most astute real experts about what should be done. Recognition of those limits didn't happen over night, recognition came after generations of experience and observation here and in other countries dealing with the same problem. How much should be spent to slow the inevitable? What are the consequences of action, intended and unintended consequences? There is no one-time fix. Future generations cannot be bound by earlier choices. How many times do we apply the Band-Aid? It's an expensive can to be kicking down the road--either way.

Anonymous said...

3:15 You sound so learned and wise but actually you are so full of bullshit. All generations are bound by earlier choices.
Managed Retreat, Sea Level Rise, Save the Frogs, Hate the Golf Course, send me a check for my failed litigation are all ingredients in this toxic soup of Eco-Cultism that has taken hold in Pacifica. Maybe we should all go back to applying leaches to the skin to rid us of the vapors.
Look at Wild Equity's inundation maps as prepared by Bob Battallio. Watch how he cleverly presents his doomsday scenario which is; don't maintain the berms at the golf course, don't repair or replace the seawall on Beach Blvd and let mother nature swallow up West Sharp Park all the way to the highway. These are his words and his calculations. All of this mayhem and destruction is completely preventable if the berms are maintained and the wall repaired and maintained. This is Moffat and Nickel's research (Batallio's former employer). Who you gonna believe? A guy who makes money by creating these doomsday scenarios or a world class engineering firm who carefully advises and designs coastal strategies for cities all over the world?
It's so so easy for these NOBY's to be be completely cavalier with other people's property and resources just so long as they've got theirs.

Anonymous said...

913 Yes, Hillary, it's a vast right wing conspiracy, uh, I mean eco-cult plot. They're out to screw ya! The signs are all there--you listed them. Don't dally. Save what you can. Sell now!

Anonymous said...

@ 9:13, you are so right. If the sea wall is allowed to "manage retreat", not only is West Sharp park doomed but so are the froggies and snakes Plater has tried so hard to protect. Not to mention how much he has fleeced SF for in stupid legal fees!! Frogs & Snakes cannot live in Salt water!!! They will all be dead!! I for one am tired of these people and really think it is time for their managed retreat somewhere else!!!

Anonymous said...

3:21 Spoken like a true Trumpster, profiting off the misfortune of others.You know that the longer this screwy agenda languishes in the press the more West Harp Park and Fairway properties go down in value, Once the property has inundated you'll be able to give this wetland to the GGNRA for pennies on the dollar. Highway One will become another nature trail and you can forbid dogs and automobiles.
Perfect, as long as you have yours.

Anonymous said...

811 Spoken like a true ass which is what happens when you make assumptions. Before you pop a vein let's temper rhetoric and conspiracy theories with the high probability that none of us on here will be alive to see your doomsday events should they ever come to pass. Still seething? Quit speculating on appreciation and sell your sand dune now!