Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Vote yes for the Library project bond, November ballot

Pacifica Tribune, print edition/Letters to the Editor, 8/3/16.

"Library support" by Ellen Ron, President, Pacifica Library Foundation.

Image result for new Pacifica Library picture
Proposed Pacifica Library
"Dear Editor, on behalf of the Pacifica Library Foundation, I want to thank the many, many Pacificans who took the time to attend the City Council meetings on July 11 and July 21 to show their support and speak up for the new library project. Many thanks also to those who emailed or called the council members to let them know how they felt about the project. It seems that democracy is alive and well in Pacifica.

As we head into an election season that could be anything but civil, it was heartening to hear so many thoughtful, articulate speakers address the council and listen to each other with patience and respect. Now on to November and the opportunity to vote for the new library project! "

Reference. Pacifica Library Foundation,  Facebook.  LinkedIn.  City of Pacifica, CA, New Library.

Related articles.  Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff, 7/13/16, "Architect chosen for library design; Survey results show slightly less than needed support for bond measure."  .Pacifica Tribune, 6/22/16, "Public library foundation close to realizing goal."  Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff, 12/1/15, "City considers new library."  Pacifica Tribune/Ester Harris, Correspondent, 11/4/15, "New library proposal goes before city council."  "President of the Library Foundation, Ellen Ron, said she is dedicated to bringing awareness of the importance for the new library to the community."  Pacifica Tribune, 5/1/12,"New Pacifica library plans unveiled." Related video.  Chamber of Commerce/Pacifica Library Foundation/Pacifica Currents, 7/14/12, YouTube 28.30 minutes, "Pacific Currents TV show host Steve Johnson interviews guests Pacifica Libraries Manager Thom Ball and Pacifica Library Foundation Board Member Eric Ruchames about a new library for Pacifica."

Note proposed library design graphic from San Mateo County Libraries/Building projects, "Pacifica: New Library".

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