Thursday, August 11, 2016

Airport noise article

It looks like the FAA has told all of us that have been impacted by their changes to "buzz off". Is it right that a federal agency, supposedly created to protect people and not airlines, can now arbitrarily plot new flight paths that are so impactful? I say that's wrong. Whether it's a departure or arrival issue (Pacifica's noise issues are departures) thousand of people are suffering at all hours of the day.
Political pressure is the only thing bureaucracy will pay attention to. The lowly citizen can go pound salt if there isn't more pressure put on the elected ones.

Submitted by Jim Wagner


Steve Sinai said...

The mission of the FAA is to promote the aviation and aerospace industries rather than protect the public. That may be one of the problems with appealing this issue to the FAA.

Anonymous said...

I thought Sue Digre had these guys pinned down and ready to surrender?
Oh well now maybe she'll work to fix the other health hazard in Pacifica, John Keener and his merry band of "managed retreaters".

Anonymous said...

Anyone who takes on Fred Howard's cause and complains about the airport noise, is a detriment to the city.

Anonymous said...

Airport noise is a detriment to Pacifica.People will not notice cumulative hearing loss until it is too late!

Anonymous said...


Huh, what ya say? I can't hear you.

Anonymous said...

3:05-You need hearing aids along with glasses.Ha Ha