Sunday, August 28, 2016

Art show for dogs, we could do this locally

Bored Panda, UK/Ruta Grasyte, 8/24/16. "World's first art exhibition for dogs," includes 1:25 minute video.

Nope, haven't been there.
Feel the breeze...
"If you thought art was only for humans, we’ve got news for you. Last Friday, Dominic Wilcox opened the world’s first art exhibition for dogs – ‘Play More’.

Titled ‘Play More’, the exhibition was open for just 2 days in London last week. It featured a bunch of interactive installations that helped stimulate the four-legged furballs physically and mentally. From a dog bowl-shaped ball pool to an open car window simulator to a screen that simulates a frisbee bouncing around a screen – this was the place to be for any pup. Check out some pics from the even."

Related article. The Huffington Post/Arts and Culture/Hillary Hanson/Viral News Editor, 8/24/16, "This Artist Created A Show Just For Dogs, And They Loved It."  "You might think dogs don't care about art. But maybe that's just because art isn't created with dogs in mind. ... The show included artwork painted in a canine-friendly color scheme, as well as large interactive pieces like a huge dog bowl filled with balls and an 'open car window simulator' that involved a fan wafting around scents like meat and old shoes."

Note first ever dog art show photographs by Mikael Buck:  Dogs in car, from Bored Panda; Dogs watching picture from the related Huffinton Post article (above).

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