Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Closing results of Summer Olympic Games 2016, Rio de Janero, Brazil

Rio 2016, August 5 to 21, a new world, "Olympic Medal Count." 

Image result for Olympics Rio 2016 picture"2,102 is the number of gold, silver and bronze medals that will be awarded to the athletes competing in the Olympic Games."

Rank by:  Gold, Silver, Bronze.
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Olympics: Rio 2016

 Country                                      Gold         Silver           Bronze           Total

Related.    Pacifica Tribune/Sports/Horacescope/Horace Hinshaw, 8/18/16,"Pacifica represented at Olympics." .... "The United States Olympics team is comprised of 555 athletes (123 from California) with three of those being from Pacifica. Now, I don’t know if another city in the country had multiple athletes competing in the Olympics this year, but Pacifica can certainly be proud of its three athletes. .... All three Pacificans were competing in the Olympics for their first time. Danny Barrett played for the USA rugby Sevens team, Ryan Patterson, a University of California gymnast, represented his native country of South Africa and Katarzyna Trzopek was a member of the women’s fencing team."

Note graphic and picture from the Olympics Games Organization.  Rings image from Rio 2016, latest news. Statue overlooking stadium facepage image to Rio 2016 Olympics/the event schedule and following the events.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

What, no gold medals for Hillary!?! Kathy, that can't be. Please update with her tally.

Kathy Meeh (since you asked, odds on Hillary) said...

Nate Silver 2016 presidential projection updated 2 hours ago. Chance of winning, Hillary Clinton 85.0%; Donald Trump 15.0%.

But, the race for the presidency and other elected government offices isn't over until November 8, 2016 (hopefully).
FMV, get the vote out for Hillary, unless you're looking for an unstable, egocentric fascist destroying this country. (Think pre-WWII conditions and figure it out.)

The Ghost of Avery Brundage said...

She and hubby Bill left Arkansas with not a penny to their name. Enter Washington DC. Now, the power couple (who don't even live together) have amassed a fortune of close to a quarter of a billion dollars. Who says crime doesn't pay? And the gold medal for corruption goes to...

Kathy Meeh (Nope, Trump takes the Con Gold) said...

214, Reality check. The tax records and actual income earnings and income sources of Bill and Hillary Clinton, various Presidents and presidential candidates are published for your viewing on Tax Analysts. Other voluntary sources of these records may also be available,(the internet search is a wonderful tool available to all).

The Clintons are not the only elected officials who have gained income during and following their government tenure. In addition to government income, any pensions, other sources of income may be available-- such as speaker, interview, consultant, board fees. A simple Google search brings up several books written by Hillary Clinton; and by Bill Clinton.

The Tax records and actual income earnings and income sources for Donald Trump range from sketchy to nowhere to be found... so, why is that?
Why are you not concerned about the findings of these descriptive Tax records, as well as the various business dealings, regulated filings, and transactions from which Trump has gained visible and claimed profit?

It doesn't take "education" from Trump University; profit from his bankruptcies; stiffing his business vendors, and non-profit charities; remediated business damage profit off the 911 tragedy; making nice with Vladimir Putin and associates; (or even promoting "Trump ties from China" while spewing Nationalism, etc.) to figure-out the one thing consistent about Donald Trump is that he is a FRAUD!
And considering his unstable scattered, careless language; attack comments; inciting to violence, uprising, and scapegoating-- Trump is a dangerous fraud at that.