Saturday, August 20, 2016

EDC visiting neighborhoods, Manor: Mermaid Festival soon

Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop/Staff Writer, 8/17/16.  "Manor businesses address concerns with Economic Development Committee."
Popular, The Little Mermaid, Mermaid
First ever Mermaid Festival
coming to Manor Parking lot.
I will swim there.

Camelot Fish & Chips in Pacifica, California--the best fish & chips I've had anywhere, including England.:
Both sides of
Image result for Manor Shopping Center, Pacifica, CA  picture
Manor Shopping Center
"The city’s economic development committee has been taking their show on the road, so to speak, by visiting different neighborhoods instead of meeting in a single, central location. This gives business owners a chance to see their EDC in action and suggest priorities, business problems and challenges and to celebrate successes. .... Vickie Flores, CEO of the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce, said a new neighborhood association will soon be formed for the local businesses.

... ....  Future plans include putting tents in the Manor Shopping Center parking lot for Pacifica’s first ever Mermaid Festival coming soon, said Flores. There may be film screenings coming soon, as well.

.... ... Coming up on a future EDC agenda will be how to attract certain kinds of businesses to Pacifica. The next meeting, or at least a future meeting of the EDC, will be in the Fairmont Shopping Center to discuss with merchants the disruptions to their businesses since Lucky’s moved out and the new Safeway has been under construction.  Read article.

Note photographs from Manor Shopping Center (Camelot Fish and Chips and You Name It) from Info USA, found on Pinterest/Pacifica CA favorite places.  Mermaid from Pixabay/Popular little mermaid.

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The Ghost of Marvel Comics said...

Mermaids to save Pathetica? Perfect. But why stop there? Let's call in the X-Men; the Avengers; Bruce Wayne; maybe even The Donald himself - if we can offer him protection from Kathy??? Yeah, that's the ticket...

Kathy Meeh (Sunday morning funny papers) said...

Ah 953, there will be no "protection" for the evil sociopath Donald Trump-- this week he earned another new blog article now posted.

Jmac2day said...

Trump is a constant source of Comedy. He has the EQ of a 1yr old
** As far as more events for Pacifica
I've been there 16 yrs, and I live up one of the beautiful valleys. Pacifica is a great place to have a event .....
It has reached the status of the destination spot of the Bay Area