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What not to buy, 2016

Market Watch/Kathleen Burke, 1/2/16. "10 things not to buy in 2016. Think twice about purchasing these products next year."

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Cool while levitating...
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Hoverboard on fire,
stock market not so much.
1) Hoverboards. "Hoverboards exploded onto the personal transportation scene in 2015 — and they also exploded in a few homes. While these futuristic-sounding motorized boards sound like a fun gift, it may be wiser, and safer, to wait to buy one until they prove they’re not a trend that will flame out. The primary issue stems from the wide variety of products on the market and little quality control.

Some of these cheaper versions contain lithium ion batteries prone to overheating — most recently, this hoverboard burst into flames in a shopping mall in Auburn, Wash. In the U.K. in December 2015, a London teenager died after he fell into the path of an oncoming bus, according to reports in the U.K. press. And the London Fire Brigade issued a warning on Back to the Future Day, Oct. 21, advising hoverboard owners to monitor the devices while they charge them in order to avoid potential fire damage. ..."

Other things not to buy in 2016:  2) Apple Watch, 3) Virtual reality headsets, 4) Selfie sticks, 5) Athleisure for work, 6) Smart water bottles, 7)  Bourbon, 8) Fitness trackers, 9) iPad Pro, 10) Down payment insurance.  Read article.

Related, Hoverboards.  WGNTV (Chicago), 12/1/15. "GULF SHORES, Ala. — A man in Alabama says his new hoverboard scooter caught fire under his feet just three days after he got it. According to WKRG, Timothy Cade, of Gulf Shores, Ala., said his new hoverboard was too hot to handle after it became engulfed in flames while in use.'I came outside turned it on, came down the sidewalk not even a 100 feet, and it exploded,' Cade said."

Related, stock market predictions, 2016. CNBC/Giovanny Moreano, 12/29/15. "Wall Street's market predictions for 2016 PRO. "Despite a lackluster year in 2015, Wall Street predicts 2016 could bring about the same results. ..."

Note photographs. Man from  Gizmodo. Fire from WGNTV related article above.

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