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Plans to build affordable housing, South San Francisco

The Daily Journal (San Mateo County), Austin Walsh, 1/25/16.  "South City moves to create affordable housing: Officials pursuing workforce project on city property."

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Affordable "Home Sweet Home",
City of San Mateo example.
"To address the struggle of some middle class families to afford the increasingly expensive cost of living, South San Francisco officials initiated an effort to build an affordable housing development near downtown.  ....  City officials recognize the significant need to build affordable housing as soon as possible, said City Manager Mike Futrell, and the council has expressed a desire to pursue that initiative. 'We are looking for every possible opportunity to bring affordable housing to South San Francisco,” he said. “And we are looking at every parcel of city-owned property.'.... To help subsidize the project, Futrell said officials are interested in pursuing available grant funding which could pay toward construction of some of the affordable units.

Despite the challenges that can be associated with financing the projects, Futrell said South San Francisco officials remain committed to ensuring the city remains livable for all residents. 'These projects are incredibly difficult to put together because financially they don’t pencil out very easily,' he said. 'To us, that is balanced against the acute need in the community to provide housing at an affordable cost.'

Couples making in the range of $60,000 to $90,000 annually would likely be eligible to live in the workforce housing project, said Futrell. It is yet to be determined whether the units will be available to all South San Francisco residents, or just those who are employed by public agencies such as the city or local school district, said Futrell."  Read article.

Reference, City of South San Francisco:  Affordable Housing, and Low Income Housing.

Note photograph from MidPen Housing, "San Mateo welcomes much needed, affordable workforce housing on the former site of the San Mateo Police Station."  Caption:  Delaware Pacific, a transit-orientated development with 60 affordable apartments for families in San Mateo." 

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