Friday, January 22, 2016

City declares a "State of Local Emergency", coastal erosion

San Mateo County Times/Aaron Kinney, 1/22/16.  "Pacifica declares emergency in response to El Niño storms."

Image result for Pacifica Beach Blvd seawall break picturepacifica waves Battered Pacifica Declares A State Of Emergency"PACIFICA -- The city manager of Pacifica has declared a local emergency in response to El Niño storms that have damaged the municipal pier, eaten away part of a sea wall that protects Beach Boulevard, and threatened the safety of blufftop homes.

Acting as the city's director of emergency services, City Manager Lorie Tinfow announced Friday that the coastal community will "need state and federal assistance to respond to the growing list of failing public infrastructure." The City Council is expected to ratify the emergency declaration on Monday.  Read more. 

Related news.  NBC/Scott Budman and Staff, 1/14/16.  "Pacifica Declares State of Local Emergency After El Niño Storms slam City's coastline." "Pacifica declared a state of emergency Friday (1/8/16) after storms caused by El Niño slammed into the city's coastline, leaving behind a sinkhole, a damaged sea wall and a trail of destruction. The city has seen damage to the Pacifica Pier, the Milagra Watershed Outfall and the failure of the sea wall along Beach Blvd. near the intersection of Santa Maria Avenue. 

The funding for repairs to all three structures remains unclear at this point. "We need state and federal assistance to respond to the growing list of failing public infrastructure," Tinfow said.  Private properties are also being affected, and owners of two properties were notified that their structures were not safe to inhabit. Other areas along the cliff are experiencing significant loss of bluff top as well.  ....  The city says the damage started back in mid-December. The emergency declaration is the first step toward getting state and federal assistance to help rebuild what's been damaged." 

Note photographs and more news reports:  Wave and sea wall break from CBS News/Weather, 1/22/16, "Battered Pacifica declares a state of emergency." Erosion and railing broken from KTVU, 1/22/16, "City of Pacifica declares local emergency." 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

This quote regarding failing public infrastructure... " City Manager Lorie Tinfow announced Friday that the coastal community will "need state and federal assistance to respond to the growing list of failing public infrastructure.", is what is happening all across our country! Our country's piers, roads, bridges, hospitals, schools, playgrounds, parks have been falling apart and causing damage and injury to people across the country, just like what is happening in Pacifica. Before voting, please carefully look at which Presidential candidate talks passionately about the urgent need to repair our country's infrastructure while at the same time creating millions of jobs. It is a win/win for all local, state and federal areas of our country. He believes that all of this infrastructure belongs to us, the people, and should be repaired and maintained for everyone to have the safe use of, and especially for all of our children. Make your voice heard... and remember, we the people, own the national parks, the state parks, the roadways, highways, waterways, schools and bridges. So speak up loudly and demand they be maintained and pick the leadership that will make that happen.

Kathy Meeh said...

1043, this coastal issue is about big waves caused by rising tides (El Nino affects in this City), rather than generalized public USA infrastructure. But, as you say "hello"?
And as I recall, the Pacifica pier and Beach Blvd revetment (rocks) did have some restorative work completed a few years ago. So, again that's not it.

Then again, you may not be local. From your comment, who is "he"? Are you "subtly perhaps" attempting to campaigning for a Republican Presidential candidate? If so, that political party generally supports small government-- how's that working-out in Congress now?

Anonymous said...

Sea walls need constant maintenance. If we want to keep the promenade and pier as intact public amenities for the good of all, then we have to do more than just respond to emergencies.
Enough of the useless happy talk. Fix it, maintain it or LOSE IT.

Anonymous said...

Everything old is new again.
Some of these properties are the same ones from our last state of emergency.

What happens to the half a million bucks allocated to tearing down Esplanade apartments last month?