Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Continuing saga, not enough City revenue, roads (opinion)

Pacifica Tribune/Jean Bartlett, 1/13/16, "Bartlett's Bullets." Asked at McDonald's in the Linda Mar Shopping Center." "What does the City of Pacifica need to pay attention to?"

Image result for potholes
Yeah, well this is Linda Mar
Blvd past the grant paving
....  "The City will tell you, 'We know all about these issues.' I believe to have mandates without money is fruitless. There are a lot of things the City wants to do but they can't do. (Jerry Trecroci).

.... The condition of the streets, the potholes and the hazard repair of such. Vehicle alighnment is going out. Seems like the City takes care of the main thoroughfares, like Linda Mar Blvd., but doesn't care about the rest of us common folk. Also the police should pay attention to enforcing stops at stop signs.  (Greg Stepanenko)."

Note:  this portion of the Pacifica Tribune is not electronically available. The full article is available only in the print edition.

Related, photographic commentary. Demilked/Facebook, 1/2014, "Annoying city potholes turned into imaginative scenes."  "After hitting a pothole in their own neighborhood in Montreal, professional photographer duo Davide Luciano and Claudia Ficca decided to give meaning to this one of the most annoying attributes of big city streets. In their “My Potholes“ photographic series, the married couple created various imaginative scenes in the streets of New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto and Montreal, where street cracks and holes play a major role. The scenes are ingenious, witty and surreal, broadening our minds and suggesting a novel way to connect with our everyday environment."

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