Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Beach Blvd takes a big storm hit

San Francisco Chronicle/SF Gate/David R. Baker, 1/18/16. "Pacifica sidewalk collapses; thousands lose poer in S.F," includes 26 slides.
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Public Works: hope we've got this
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Beach Blvd sink hole: 40' long, 8' wide
"Surging waves collapsed a seaside sidewalk in Pacifica on Sunday, as the latest in a string of winter storms pushed onshore.

Waves expected to reach 19 feet high pounded the shore and eroded the ground beneath of a stretch of sidewalk along Beach Boulevard, between Santa Maria Avenue and Salada Avenue. Workers with backhoes brought in boulders to shore up the sidewalk and adjacent road during the afternoon. But by early evening, city officials were still warning drivers to avoid the area."  Read more.

Related, today.  ABC7 News/KGO/Wayne Freedman, 1/18/16. "Pacifica Pier remains closed due to massive sinkhole." "Pacifica Department of Public Works crews worked Monday to fill a massive sinkhole that's affecting a popular tourist area along Beach Boulevard in Pacifica. The waves from El Nino powered storms have caused the sidewalk to erode and now crews are trying to figure out what to do next. Crews said they're going to let the stormy conditions pass before they make any permanent repairs. For now, rocks have been placed in the hole in hopes of keeping people from getting hurt. Crews said they have made progress on the sinkhole, but are worried that the damage may expand. "High surf and then we have a high swell, with a high tide that's usually a match for disaster," Pacifica Public Works Director Raymond Biagini said.

Related, yesterday.  ABC7 News/KGO/Melanie Woodrow, 1/17/16, "Crews work to repair sinkhole near Pacifica Pier." " .... Pacifica Department of Public Works officials told ABC7 News they knew this might happen, so they had large eight to 10 ton boulders on standby not too far from the area. Crews have been filling the sinkhole all day with the boulders.  They are trying to preserve whatever material is still underneath the promenade as a temporary solution. "We're going to reassess the condition and come up with a final design on how to fix this," Pacifica Department of Public Works Director Van Ocampo said. ....The hole is about 40 feet long by eight feet wide."  

Note:  Beach Blvd photographs by Wayne Freedman/ABC7 News.

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