Thursday, January 7, 2016

Beginning effects of 2016 El Nino, not just here

NBC News/Weather/Erin McGarry, 1/6/16, includes video. "Not just California: El Nino blamed for weather woes around globe."

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Oh, this how managed retreat works?
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Don't worry Spring is coming,
everything that remains
will be so nice then.
"The impacts of this season's "El Niño" — now tied as the strongest on record — have been felt across the country in the form of record breaking warmth across the Midwest and Northeast, the deadly tornadoes and flooding in the Midwest and Southeast, and now the conveyor belt of storms slamming into southern California. But the El Niño effect isn't limited to the United States — it's a worldwide phenomenon.

....  This El Niño is forecast to maintain its strength throughout the winter and begin weakening in the spring. El Niño occurs when winds in the Pacific weaken or reverse direction, resulting in a warming of the ocean in the central and eastern Pacific, mainly along the Equator. Clouds and storms follow the warm water, altering jet stream paths around the world."   Read article.

Related -  KGO-TV/Matt Keller and Cornell Barnard, 1/6/16, includes video, "Strong El Nino storm causes flooding, downed trees across the Bay Area." "The latest storm to hit the Bay Area really packed a punch, bringing a deluge of heavy rain and flooding to the region. .... The National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood Watch, a Coastal Flood Advisory, and a High Surf Warning for parts of the Bay Area. Click here for details on these weather alerts.  Flooding and downed trees are widespread across the Bay Area as the heavy downpour landed on ground that was already soaked from two previous storms."

Note:  Rockaway "high surf advisory" photograph by Agrin from Weather Underground, 1/2/10. Umbrella by P.A. from BBC News, UK, 3/14/08.

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Anonymous said...

Why post an article from the media when you have excellent information about El Nino and La Nina from the National Weather Service.

The talking monkeys on the news know nothing. In fact less than 10% of them even grew up in the Bay Area.

The Local Libertarian said...

Look at the graph for Northeast Pacific Region 3 in the link below:

NOAA: Mean Sea Level Trends for Northeast Pacific Ocean & Seas Stations

The Local Libertarian said...

More detail (NOAA: Point Reyes Station Data)

Mean Sea Level Trend 9415020 Point Reyes, California

I think it is safe to claim that our "King Tide" will trend towards worse in the future.

Professor Knowalittle said...

I'm more concerned with the magnetic juxtaposition of the magnetic poles!
We're all doomed. My compass won't work.