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A look back at 2015, development potential

Note:  the following Tribune Editor article is a reflection of some significant events in this City during 2015, and is much more broad than the few development snippets below.

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Pacifica Quarry proposal: houses
Pacifica Tribune/Horace Hinshaw/Tribune Editor, 12/31/15.  "A look back at memorable moments from 2015."

"There are many events that shaped Pacifica in 2015. The Tribune takes a look back at several of the top news stories as selected by the Tribune staff. ...

....  Interest in development of the quarry came to light 10 years after Pacificans voted down a proposal in 2006 for mixed use, homes above businesses, and also for a number of single family homes. The new owner, based in Michigan, contracted with a Bay Area project manager to move forward on a proposal to bring housing to the land. Permits are pending from various agencies, including Pacifica and the California Coastal Commission.

....  The city had been trying to bring in a person who could help with economic development in the community. That happened with the appointment of Anne Stedler, the city’s first economic development manager. Tina Wehmeister, who had previously worked as an intern in the department, was named Director of Planning.  ....  Other newsworthy stories include improvements to the Sharp Park Golf Course. ..."  Read article. 

Note photograph. Quarry image posted on Pacifica Riptide, 4/15/09. 

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