Friday, January 8, 2016

Moving beyond Pacific Skies Estates appeals


Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff writer, 1/6/16. "City defends Pacific Skies Estates decision."  

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Affordable housing is needed,
what's stopping this City from building it?
Will City NIMBIES be part of the solution,
or do they just want to obstruct and sue the City?
"The city officially responded to recent correspondence from the California Coastal Commission by defending its 2013 decision to issue an exemption to a coastal development permit for renovations at Pacific Skies Estates (PSE).

..... “The city lacks the authority to reconsider its 2013 exemption determination both because the city was not the permitting authority for the work at PSE and because the time in which an interested party could appeal the city’s 2013 exemption determination has long since passed,” Michelle Kenyon (City Attorney) wrote. 

Aggrieved parties would have had only 10 days to file an administrative appeal against the original 2013 exemption, and no one did, Kenyon stated. The Coastal Commission could have met in a public hearing and determined, through a two-thirds vote, the work was not exempt from a coastal development permit, but that hearing didn’t occur, Kenyon wrote."   Read article.

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Anonymous said...

This was bound to happen. Many of these trailer park makeovers fly under the radar as improvements rather than new construction. Affordable housing disappears. Works like a charm inland, but trying to make a sneaky end run around the CCC with that "repair and maintenance" exemption--who's idea was that? We need to preserve affordable housing. The CCC could be a fearsome ally in that fight.